Hi there bestie! I remember when I worked in an office my office outfits were a big priority during my nights when I planned my outfit for the next morning. The only problem was that… you guessed it: workwear is EXPENSIVE! I often found myself repeating outfits, I even had a schedule laid out: Pants, Dress, Pants, Dress, Jeans of Friday; do you also do that?! I now work from home and from time to time (mostly once or twice a week) I have to get dressed in proper workwear so I wanted to share some of my favorite inspiration outfits and then how to re-create them with h&m workwear! Let’s do this, lady! 

Red Classy Pants by H&M?

H&M WorkWear; Re-Create These Office Outfits With H&M

Lady-Like Work Wear:
H&M WorkWear; Re-Create These Office Outfits With H&M

“I’m Busy and Important” Option:

H&M WorkWear; Re-Create These Office Outfits With H&M

Basics For The Win by H&M:H&M WorkWear; Re-Create These Office Outfits With H&M

Wooow! I didn’t really know h&m had such a great workwear selection; almost everything is under $50 (If I’m not wrong!) which I LOVE because if you go looking somewhere else, a blouse can easily be $50 OR MORE!

Anyway, I hope you found these 4 workwear outfit options useful and that you take the risk to try one of them for your next BIG MEETING at work! Or… just for any day. This post is not exactly “fitness” but we all have lives out of the gym; work is important to all of us PLUS! Why not look fabulous everyday; right?

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Byeeee, Bestie! 


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