Start the new year with the right mindset

Hii! how are you feeling this morning???! While you rest in bed with a cup of coffee or warm water with lemon, I want share a message to set off the year with the right mindset.

First day of the year. Don’t forget to close the book, put an end to periods, give thanks for the good and the bad that happened and what’s to come. Say “i love you” to everyone you care about and say “goodbye” to whom you have to say so to and forgive even if it’s difficult for you. Don’t forget to live, to fight, to love yourself and dream as long as you are alive. You are about to live 365 days of new stories. Enjoy and take advantage of them while you can and don’t let the past be a burden but an impulse to build a better future.

What do you wish for this year?

Let me know in the comments below <3 Thank you for being in this journey with me. For showing up at , reading and sharing your moments with me. It means more than you’ll ever know. Here’s to a BRIGHT, AWESOME 2018!!

Start the new year with the right mindset



Hola!! como se sienten hoy???! Bueno, mientras estas ahi en la cama con una taza de cafe o una taza de agua caliente con limon para limpiar el cuerpo, te queria compartir un pensamiento para comenzar el anio con la mentalidad correcta!

Primer dia del anio. No olvides cerrar ciclos, colocar puntos finales, dar gracias por lo bueno y lo malo pasado y por venir, decir “te quiero” a los que quieres, decir “adios” a los que tengas que decirselo, perdonar aunque te cueste… y no te olvides de vivir, de luchar, de quererte y de sonar mientras sigues vivo. Estas a punto de vivir 365 dias de nuevas historias. Aprovechalas mientras dure y que el pasado nunca sea un lastre sino un impulso para construir un futuro mejor.

Con que suenas este anio?? 

Comparetelo conmigo en las secciones de comentarios. Gracias por tu apoyo, gracias por venir a, leer y compartir conmigo tus experiencias. Significa mucho mas de lo que algun dia sabras 🙂 Vamos por un 2018 lleno de cosas buenas!!

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Happy new year to you Belen! Hope you had a sparkling NYE and wishing you lots of happiness for 2018!
Best wishes


Thank you Jaz! We had a great time in Punta Cana <3
xo, Belen




Gracias!! besitos


Very well said, a new beginning with the blessing of God.

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