Hi! Welcome back to my blog 🙂 As we spoke yesterday about our ears, today I wanted to delve into healthy hearing! As one of the traditional five senses, hearing is incredibly important to almost everything we do in life – yet it is often overlooked, and seen as something we just expect to work as it should; right? Well my besties, in order to change this perception we have and increase awareness of one of our vital senses, below, I put together four things everyone should know about hearing health.

#1 – Many young people have significant risk factors for hearing loss

We often think that hearing loss is an issue that only impacts those over the age of 60, but a lot of young people are at risk of hearing loss too! Our lifestyle activities, like regular exposure to loud noise or standing close to the speaker at a concert, can greatly impact your hearing. If you’re concerned about your hearing, regardless of your age, you should visit an audiologist for further advice.

I know the idea of hearing loss may be concerning, but know that we do have the option of hearing aids if any issues come up, which you can learn more about in order to ease your mind.

#2 – Dietary changes can improve your hearing function

Hearing loss tends to occur as a natural part of getting older, or due to exposure to excessive noise. However, research has suggested that these issues can at least be improved by a healthy, hearing-focused diet! Did you know that?! There are many foods that are said to boost hearing health, so incorporating these into our diet can be a preventative measure that reduces our chances of experiencing hearing-related issues in the future! #goodnews

#3 – Certain medications can damage your hearing

We all know that a lot of medications – even those we can buy over-the-counter – tend to have side effects like nausea, headaches, and fatigue. However, a lot of well-known medicines actually list damage to hearing health as a potential side effect of their use; these medications are known as “ototoxic”. Common examples of ototoxic medications include ibuprofen, aspirin, and some antibiotics. If you are concerned about ototoxicity – especially for medications you take regularly – then your doctor will usually be able to prescribe or recommend an alternative.

#4 – Your hearing needs time to rest

Resting is obviously good or all aspects of our health, and our hearing is no different! Even if you are wearing earplugs, taking a short break from a noisy environment like a bar or concert can be really useful. I know sometimes taking a break isn’t logistically possible (or we struggle to find anywhere quiet to go to), so we have to control what we can by making sure our home is as quiet and peaceful as possible. 

To end the healthy hearing topic…

Although hearing health is not a common topic for us, the points above, demonstrate that it is a topic that deserves a little time and attention. So, I really, really advice you to focus on your hearing as part of your overall focus on achieving the best all-round health in future 🙂

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