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Healthy Snacks to Buy with Pearls Olives

Healthy Snacks to Buy

Eating healthy has always been a struggle for me. As I shared in my fitness journey post (read here), when I used to play volleyball, I trained so hard, the “cheat meals” I had (constantly!) didn’t really show on my body. But, it’s been a while since those tough training days so, I’ve had to train my mind to look for healthy snacks to buy or make it home. In all honesty, healthy snacks to buy is almost always my go-to option – with work, life, the blog, having time to make stuff is not easy. 

Healthy Snacks to Buy

I also have a weird relationship with olives. I’m a LOVER of olive oil but olives are not really my thing; there’s something about the taste that is not attractive to me (weird, since I pretty much use olive oil for everything!) but… just being honest. So, when I found out about these healthy snacks by Pearls Olives, I decided to give them a try because they come with infused flavors: Siracha, Italian Herbs, and Taco. It might be coincidence but these 3 flavors are some of my favorite flavors for FOOD so I thought “they MUST be as good for healthy snacks!”. 

Healthy Snacks to Buy

Here we go – they are good! You can barely taste the olive flavor. I also really like that they are easy to eat as they are dry olives and the package is great for on-the-go as I know most of you are. 

I really suggest you give them a try as a healthy snack option for your day-to-day! If you decide to try them, here’s a printable coupon so you can save some $$$! 


xo Belen 

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