You are lucky if you have never experienced any sort of serious addiction in your lifetime – I know, I’ve been lucky. Over the years, I’ve realized that it is a growing problem among the population and it is even present among people I personally know so, I’m sure you’ve also come across similar situations and might have similar thoughts and feelings like me. You want to help others to regain their life back and become a better version of themselves again. Whether you want to pursue this as a career or simply find a way to use your expertise in health to assist others. Consider the following ideas and see how you can help others adopt a healthier mindset after they have experienced addiction: 

Helping Others to Adopt a Healthier Mindset after Addiction


Get Registered

If you want to become a professional counsellor as a career, then you will need to go through the proper routes to get yourself registered and accredited. CCAPP can certify drug and alcohol counsellors in your career; explore your options and find out how you can practice officially in your state. Once you have gained the correct recognition you will be able to start chasing what you really want to do. Helping people get through addictions is a career that you should be very proud of, so grab every opportunity you are given and enjoy it.

Gain Experience

Before you can officially become an addiction counsellor you need to gain as much first-hand experience as you can. Getting to know different clients and understanding about a wide range of situations will put you in a good position to give people the help and advice they need. You won’t become a reputable therapist or coach without plenty of hard work and dedication, so don’t be afraid to work your way up to the top.

Help Friends and Family

If you can’t quite see yourself pursuing this as a career then you don’t have to become a professional if you’re not quite ready. There is plenty you can do for your loved ones without being a fully-fledged counsellor. If you are noticing some strange or worrying behaviors from people who are close to you, then you have the opportunity to help somebody more than you will ever know. Noticing the signs of an addict can be tricky at first, but the deeper you can look into the symptoms, the quicker the problem will be solved.

Be a Good Listener

The main thing that you can do when you’re helping a client, friend or family member is to listen without judgement. When someone confides in you with a problem they don’t want to feel like they are being criticized and evaluated. Try not to listen in order to give an answer; you should be listening simply to allow the other person to vent their feelings in a safe environment. Being a good listener is one of the best traits you can possess if you’re interested in this line of work; so working on your communication skills is a priority. 

You have the knowledge and power to help others who are going through a rough time in their lives; keep an open mind and see how you can use your passions for health and wellbeing to improve another person’s life.

We all have the power to change other’s lives through our experiences; don’t be afraid to act, to speak up. You too, can help. 

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