A Hint of Life shares her 15 min workout routineHello! Happy Wednesday. NO MORE excuses for not being active. Yes, we live a chaotic but we all have 15 min. Right? You spend them every morning trying to wake up, or every night when you get home from work in front of the TV watching  a whole lot of nothing. I encourage you to set your alarm a little bit earlier before having to wake up for work or not throwing yourself on your couch when you get home at night. Trust me, if you use these 15 min. of leisure time for yourself, you will have much more energy and will feel more relaxed at night after a long day at work.

Try the workout above. Repeat all of the exercises 3 times and this should take you from 10-15 min.   

Remember, the time you invest in yourself is the time best spent. First you, then the rest :).

Thank you reading my posts! I will be tagging my fitness posts on Instagram with #AHintofFitness so make sure to follow along more tips and inspiration.

– Belen

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