Be Grateful

Let’s talk how to be grateful with life when things aren’t going as you imagined.

How to be grateful with life when things aren't going as you imagined. 

Happy Monday friends! Did you have to work today? I did! Long gone are the days of taking the “Holidays” seriously and just staying in bed doing nothing… Sometimes I miss them but know that if choose to stay in bed, I’ll regret it later. SO MUCH to do, so little time; you know?

Anyway, on-to today’s self-help quote. “Everything comes to you in the right moment. Be patient. Be grateful.” AHHH this is such a tough one. Does everything happen for a reason? Really difficult to say yes or no as we can’t see the future but what I do know is: 

When you finally get to the future, you’ll be able to put different points of your life together and make sense of what happened, how it happened and, why it happened. Although not everything in life has a clear-cut answer, we have to turn to our poetic side and read in between the lines.

The step of looking back and putting pieces together will help you get closure of certain events of your life that weren’t necessarily your favorite ones. Also, know that not everything in your life has to be directly “cause and effect” – life has no rules. For example, things that happened in your love life years ago, might be connected to things happening in your work life in the present.

Be grateful – This is probably the most difficult part of our the entire quote above. If you are going through a difficult time, it’s VERY hard to be “thank you live!” right? BUT, find a moment in your day in which you say Thank you for what you have. It might be during a workout, a meditation session, yoga or if you pray at night.  For me, it’s been really hard to be grateful for what’s happening with my family at the moment but I do take the time to pray at night and give thanks for the amazing family and support system I have. I TRUST that the future has better things for us and this trust and patience is what keeps me going.

So, the key takeaways to put into practice from today’s quote are:

  1. Practice stepping back and putting pieces together from the past. It will help putting your current situation in perspective and help with patience and trust that everything will be okay.
  2. Don’t look for clear-cut answers; read in-between the lines
  3. Be grateful – Thank your God, Universe (or any high power you believe in) for what you have at the moment.

++ Keep going. You are alive 🙂

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xo Belen

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