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How I Turned My Usual Tax Day to Self-Care Day

You guys know how much I’ve been traveling this month. With tax season coming to an end soon, I needed help with filing my taxes in a way that served my busy schedule. Traveling for work is amazing but to be honest, it’s tiring. When I get back home from a week of travel, all I want to do is listen to my body and indulge in self-care. The accountant office, does not sound like a good self-care strategy to me. That’s why I jumped at the opportunity to partner with H&R Block and I’m so glad I did because they have made tax season, easy, seamless, and stress-free. They gave me back at least 2 hours of my day to spend taking care of myself: sitting on my couch, eating popcorn and watching tennis with my mom and Nikki with a face mask on. That was exactly what I needed to relax and decompress a little.

I want to tell you about my experience using H&R Block because it was actually my first time using their DIY online product and I was soo surprised.

So, here are some pictures of what the interface looks like and what you can expect when you create your account.

How I Turned My Usual Tax Day to Self-Care Day

How I Turned My Usual Tax Day to Self-Care Day

How I Turned My Usual Tax Day to Self-Care Day

How I Turned My Usual Tax Day to Self-Care Day

How I Turned My Usual Tax Day to Self-Care Day

They provide a few online filing options, but I used the Self-employed product because I have my full-time job salary and also the income from my blog, which is great because it’s normally waaay more complicated than that. With their step-by-step program, I just type in my salary and my self-employment income. Easy peasy. 

A few things in particular that made tax filing easier for me were: 

  • Easy questions: The language used in the guided tax interview is simple. Every word is a word you know and recognize. This makes it SO much easier to go through the process FASTER. 
  • It’s not a long, ugly form: As you can see in the pictures, everything is clean and easy to read. You get 1 question per page so you answer your question, click NEXT and you are done with that. It makes it easy on the eyes, so you don’t get overwhelmed or confused.
  • Upfront Pricing: Taxes already feel super complicated but hidden fees tends to make the process even more frustrating. So, I appreciate that H&R Block has upfront pricing – I could see the price at the top of the screen through the entire process and that made me feel a lot more secure. If you do purchase an add-on or the price changes in any way, they explain why.

H&R Block really has an extremely convenient online product – it’s easy, and straight-forward. Perfect when you are tight on time. I needed the Self-employed option for my business, but if your taxes are less complex, they even have a free filing option! FREE!!! And, I loved that if you do have a question or get stuck, you can live chat and even share your screen with a tax expert who will help you through the trouble so you can keep moving! How amazing is that?!

After this experience, I can completely recommend H&R Block for your taxes. Use this link to get your taxes done ASAP! Deadline is comiing soon. 🙂 

xo – Belen 


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