Some people might criticize me for writing this post thinking I don’t know what I’m saying since I’m 24 years old. At 24 years old, some people are still in college, others are in grad school or others are backpacking somewhere around the world. Well, I have done college, grad school and traveled a good amount (although never enough).

I would say my love for business started during my last year of college when I did my internship. During college I worked with my dad but it was during my internship that I fell in love with working. I loved going to my UNPAID internship although it was almost an hour away from home. Anyway, during my last year of college I started getting more into business and created a business plan for my own business.

How to be A Good Business Person

Of course, my own business was going to happen with my dad’s money (no shame in this) and I loved working in my dream every single day. My dream came true and then it vanished. It’s been some years since this happened so I feel okay with sharing more about this J. So, yea, it all happened so quickly and well I had to find a job and so on. Then, I started this blog, so my love for business didn’t end… the happenings just shattered my heart so it took me a while to get back to my feet.

Ok, so what I’m trying to say is that although I’m 24 years old, I have been in positions that give me the knowledge and allow me to give you these pieces of advice if you are trying to succeed in an honorable way.

  1. Be honest – Integrity, I believe is one of the most important characteristics in a person… do not take advantage of people; do not leave things open to interpretation. Be clear, signal everything out and do business truthfully. There’s room in this world for everyone that wants to work hard, there’s room for everyone to win, so be honest.
  2. Treat people right – If you are a businessperson, you have to be a people person and you have to treat people with respect. Do not talk down to people; they are the ones paving your way to success. Listen to their ideas, be open to change and evolve with your people.
  3. Do not settle – I don’t remember who said this, but it was along these lines “The reason why our customers are satisfied is because we never are.” I’m not saying, don’t be proud of your work but, always be curious, always want to be better… do not settle for mediocrity and do not settle for average.

Dare to be great.

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