Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog! Today’s post will be all about how to get motivated to workout. I know working out and exercising can be tough and it’s even harder to stay motivated when you don’t really notice any immediate results from your hard work. Here are 5 things I focus on to get and stay motivated to workout – Take notes, besties!  

How To Get Motivated To Workout; 5 Easy Ways

How To Get Motivated: Wearing The Right Apparel

When it comes to fitness fashion, it’s all about wearing the right apparel to suit your body’s shape while also being comfortable. Opt for a fitted outfit instead of something that’s slouchy because it’s useful for your mind to see your shape in the mirror when exercising; I used to not like fitted workout clothing because I was SO self-conscious but once I made the shift, I started liking my body more and more. By liking your body more and more is how you get motivated to keep going! Comfort is important because you want to feel GOOD when working out! 

Look for materials that are breathable and will soak up the sweat from your body. You want something that’s durable so that it lasts and you get the most out of it. Bamboo, cotton, and Gore-Tex are probably the best three materials that are useful for fitness clothing.

How To Get Motivated: Eating The Right Food

Eating the right food is going to help make working out a lot easier because you’ll be putting the right stuff in your body rather than the food that will slow you down. Make sure to have a high protein diet, with lots of vegetables. Always have breakfast and be sure to snack pre/post workout to keep your energy going and muscles strong! Protein shakes are super helpful to get the most out of your workout. Drink plenty of water (around 50 ounces), on the daily and stay away from alcohol as often as you can as this can cause you to feel tired. 

How To Get Motivated: Beauty In Fitness

Certain beauty products on the market can now be a great help in encouraging that helping hand that we sometimes need. Like the https://www.glutimax.com/ products can help with firming up that extra baggy skin we can’t seem to get rid off! There’s also makeup that’s been specially formulated like primers and BB creams that can help make you look less like a red tomato. A perfect solution which means you can send those glam selfies after a session at the gym. 

How To Get Motivated: Do Workouts Or Sports You Enjoy

You guys always hear me saying this on my insta stories. Don’t just do a sport or certain workout because everyone else is doing it! You get to choose what you want to do and what works best for you. Trying to do something just because it’s popular, will only de-motivate you. Find something you enjoy doing, whether that’s swimming, playing a group sport or weight training. You’re more likely to keep up with the workout if you’re having fun.

Try and mix up your workouts every so often as well; it’ll help keep fitness exciting and less of a chore. It’s also good to exercise your body in a variety of ways whether that’s through building stamina or strengthening muscle mass.

How To Get Motivated: Having Realistic Goals

You may have a reason for doing fitness that includes some goals you’d like to achieve. Maybe it’s to lose a certain amount of weight, or it’s working towards a competition. Whatever it is, give yourself realistic goals so that when you are working out, you’re worrying less about achieving objectives that may seem a little too impossible to reach.

Focus on getting the fitness right instead of stressing too much about the goals.

Doing the workout is half the battle! So follow these useful tips so you can feel good while working out.

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