I am officially a proud member of the side hustle generation and if you’re reading this blog, there’s a good chance you are too. The number of millenials with a side hustle has grown significantly since the recession of 2008. 

A side hustle is an additional revenue stream outside of your primary job that can be done on your own time. Side hustles can include anything from network marketing to freelance design or consulting. 

I am such a strong advocate for having a side hustle because you never know how the economy might change or what decisions in your company could lead to outsourcing or consolidating departments. When I was 22 I learned how important a side hustle can be after my father unexpectedly lost his business. Now in addition to my corporate job, I also generate revenue as an Arbonne consultant (watch this video!) and through brand partnerships as an influencer. What’s awesome about having a side hustle is that not only does it give you extra income but it also helps build your resume and opens you up to new professional opportunities. If you grow your side hustle it can even become your primary source of income over time. 

A lot of people ask me how I’ve built a profitable side hustle while working full-time. I’m here to dispel the myth that you have to work a million hours a week to create additional income. If you’re looking to start a side hustle, here’s some tips to get you started: 

Identify Your Zone of Genius 

Your side hustle should be something you love doing and something you are good at. What experiences and skills do you have that could help others? What would you do even if you weren’t getting paid? For me I love helping busy young women find easy and simple solutions for living a healthy lifestyle and feeling confident. I also love creating content and sharing my own journey. So for me, marketing healthy and non-toxic products is something I would likely be doing even if I wasn’t getting paid for it. If you’re having trouble deciding on a side hustle, think about the type of advice family and friends come to you for and go from there. 

Make a Commitment 

There’s a lot to figure out when you’re starting something new and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But the real secret to making progress is consistency. I built my side hustle by committing to just working on it hour an hour a day. All of us can find an extra hour in our day. Whether that means reducing your time scrolling through social media or cutting down on a night drinking with friends, I know there’s an extra hour somewhere you can get back in your day. Much like working out, the key is committing to that time. Setting a specific time to work everyday is so important. Schedule it on your calendar, remove distractions and stay focused! 

Share your Expertise

So maybe you’ve found your zone of genius, but you’re still not sure how to make money from it. Living in the digital age means your skills, talents and expertise is not only marketable but it’s also highly valuable. If you have a college degree (and even if you don’t!) I promise that you have some kind of expertise to share. This means that you can make money from creating e-books, online courses and even sponsored content with brands. If you enjoy working with people and getting out of your comfort zone, joining a multi-level marketing company is also an option to give you structure and support for building your side hustle. As an Arbonne consultant, I enjoy being on a team and having accountability calls with my team and coaches. If you’re thinking about joining an MLM make sure it’s a product you are passionate about and feel aligned with the company’s values.

Be Patient

If you expect to make 10k a month in your side hustle from the start you might be disappointed. I’m not saying it can’t happen, but building anything new usually takes time. It’s important to manage your expectations and know that it takes time to create brand awareness, cultivate a following and attract the right clients. Be patient with yourself and know that everything is a learning process. Try not to measure your progress with money early on. Your vision for what you want has to be bigger than the dollars. If it was just about the money, I personally would have quit long ago. 

Do you have a side hustle or have you thought about starting one? Let me know! Send me an email to belen – at – ahintoflife (dot) com

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