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I say everything is about planning. Sometimes I think I make it sound easier than it actually is… on my instagram or on my snapchat: belenbaquerizo I portray everything to be picture perfect and the truth is, most of the time it is not but we have to try; don’t we?

For better results on healthy living, planning has to start on the weekend because it’s where we have the free time. If we wait until Monday after work to start planning the week, we forget things, we overbook ourselves, we lose quality time with our loved ones and we get stressed. Stress is the thing I want to feel the least in my life (hence, work-life balance blog!) So, I’m going to give you an example of how I try to manage my week so that I get in some physical activity (I think giving you true facts of what I do can be more inspiring than being a lecture book).

So, let’s get to it.Healthy living during work week

Sundays: Totally stress free day. On this day, I wake up at whatever time my brain decides to wake up (normally it’s around 10am). I cook my meals for the week (see here & here). I do my nails, read a book, spend time with my family… a good bonding time with my sister is the gym so this is a good way to get a workout in for the week!

Mondays: 6am wake up, breakfast, bus stop, regular work life. At 6:30 pm I have a date with one of my best friends and trainer at the gym. Another way to get a workout in! (Get gym partners)

Tuesdays & Thursdays: Either one of these days, I sacrifice my sleep and wake up one hour earlier. (This normally includes an earlier bedtime the day before). I head to the bus stop and hit the gym at 7am. By 8:45, I’m in the office having breakfast.

Wednesdays: I basically repeat Monday. If we don’t have trainer that day (our plan includes 3 monthly sessions with a trainer), we still go to the gym for a class… either boot camp or yoga.

Friday: Friday is Friday… wine, mojitos, food… you follow my idea!

Saturday: If Friday allows me, I’m up nice and early and have time to enjoy the day, hit the gym with my boyfriend or go for a walk with Nikki (my puppy).

I believe in quick workouts. I will not be in a gym for more than an hour… actually 45 minutes is more than enough so, by going to the gym 3-4 times a week, I’m not sacrificing much of my personal or social life. To be honest, going to the gym helps my personal life because I feel I’m doing something for my personal development. Working out is more than your physical appearance, it’s like therapy.

Hopefully this post inspires you to lead a more active life. You don’t have to run a marathon and you don’t have to be all muscles, but it’s important to liberate your mind and exercise is a great way to achieve that. Leave me in the comments below, your goals on having a healthier life 🙂

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