A Hint of life shares her tips on how to create and manage a to-do list

Hello! Hello! Hope your weekend was greaat!! I had a lot of fun but it wasn’t necessarily relaxing; it was one of bffs birthday soo you know what that means! Party.

Anyway, today is Monday and it’s back to the office. How many of you feel overwhelmed by your list of to-do items every week? Especially on Mondays! We get to the office and there are a bunch of emails you have to catch up with and the amount of works multiples. Well, today I want to show you these 5 tips you can apply when creating your to-do lists. Remember that overwhelm is also a state of mind; there are things in life you have to let go of, so that your mind can be clear enough to create new things. Start with these steps and see how your daily life at work, will change.

  1. Treat your To-Do Lists as “Projects” with deadlines – Sometimes we tend to mistake to-do lists with tasks to be completed and this is the main reason why we feel overwhelmed, like we can’t finish ANYTHING at work. Treat your to-do lists as your main projects; if you could only get 1 thing done today, what would it be? What’s the next thing you want to do for your job? for your client? These are the kind of priorities we have to write down on our daily to-do lists. It shouldn’t have more than 3 items so make sure to prioritize.
  2. Do your To-Do List the night before – You have time to think through the most important things that need to get done and won’t be distracted in the morning when you get to the office and hear different stories, news, etc. Having your to-do list ready since the day before, will help you stay focused and on-track.
  3. Tackle your To-Do List first thing in the morning – Before you READ any emails or ANSWER any phone calls, concentrate on your To-Do List. It’s best to do this first thing in the morning because your mind is fresh so you can concentrate better. If you can’t get done your 3 items on the list before lunch, it’s ok but at least try to get #1 done as this should be the MOST IMPORTANT duty in your day.
  4. If you keep coming up with new “Projects” you NEED to do – Calm down, write it down on your notebook and at night or before you leave work to go home, prioritize all these projects. Take the top 3 and write it down as your “To-Do List” for the next day, the next top 3 for the day after and so on.
  5. Feel free to include personal items to your To-Do List – We are working people but we also have a life. This last tip is SO IMPORTANT to me because it’s the reason behind my blog. I love to do a great job at work but I also love to do a great job at my life. If you have a ton of things to get done at work but can’t get your mind to shut up about how dirty your house is at the moment… write it down on your list! Maybe it’s the 3rd item on your list so the next day, you know that when you get home you will get it done. Having things on your mind is draining, please be kind to yourself. Even if its personal, write it down and make sure you get it done; this way, you’ll be able to concentrate on your work helping you be more productive.

Try these tips, you will be more productive at work and your mind will be more at ease! Use my Weekly Planner to help you in the process; Sign-up here and I’ll email it right over 🙂  Let me know in the comments below what you think!

A Hint of life shares her tips on how to create and manage a to-do list
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