10 easy steps to survive a hangover at work

Hi there!! Happy Monday  🙂 I’ve never really been a big Halloween person but I know many of you are so I thought I should share some knowledge on how to survive a hangover at work. Although Halloween is on a Tuesday this year, I’m sure some of you will make a trip down to Miami and get your party hats on. I’ve been there… done that. Sooo, I’m sharing with you, 10 steps that  have helped me survive the day after. Pay close attention and follow EVERY step as the night before is just as important as the morning after 🙂

  1. Drink 2 glasses of water right before you go to bed and 1 bottle of ZICO coconut water. Lots of liquid!
  2. Take a nice, hot shower. You will feel refreshed and sleep better.
  3. Take ALL of you make-up off and brush your teeth.
  4. Wake up with enough time to have a nice morning routine.
  5. Drink warm water with lemon and A LOT of water. No coffee (coffee will dehydrate you…)
  6. Eat healthy – green smoothie, eggs, toasts.
  7. Stop by a gas station and get more ZICO coconut water and a green juice.
  8. In the office, don’t fall for the coffee. Drink your green juice and if your head is hurting too much, some motrin (or your medicine of choice).
  9. Get lunch (again… healthy!) Nothing too greasy… greasy food is just comfort food but what your body needs is, replenishment from all the bad stuff you put into it the night before.
  10. Time for coffee. By this time you should be feeling much better so it’s ok to have a cup of coffee but do not forget to keep drinking water through-out the day 🙂

And that’s it! I hope you have a fun and safe Halloween! Do not drink and drive and don’t forget to make it to work the next day!

Tell me in the comments below if you have any other strategies on how to survive work with a hangover.

Also, Loved reading all the different strategies from the Muse team about how they deal with being hungover at work… read them here.

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