How To Wear a Shirt Dress For Casual or Fancy Occasion How To Wear a Shirt Dress For Casual or Fancy OccasionHow To Wear a Shirt Dress For Casual or Fancy Occasion

How To Wear a Shirt Dress For Casual or Fancy Occasion

Hello! Tonight I want to talk to you about this beautiful, soft, military green shirt dress that I got from Amazon. The reason why I’m sharing this dress is because I’m not really a dress person as I’m always self-conscious about my tummy and if I have to wear a thong, I’m afraid of it showing but, this dress I wore for 3 days straight. Basically, I got in the mail and wore it right away just because it is sooo, reaaallly comfortable and I just decided to go for it! On this post, I’ll tell you how to wear a shirt dress to look casual and fancy.

How to wear a shirt dress

  1. Denim shirt around the waist for a casual look
  2. Belted it at the waist

My solution if the thong or my belly showed was to wrap a denim button down around my waist. I did this one night that I went for drinks with one of my friends in Miami but later on realized that it wasn’t see-thru so I just took the denim button down off and wore the shirt dress as it is.

Another way I like to wear this shirt dress is with a belt at the waist so it looks nice and a little more faancy. I wore this shirt dress with a navy and gold belt. Love how navy and military green looks.

Where to wear a shirt dress

A shirt dress, if you learn how to wear it, can be worn to work – if you feel comfortable wearing tighter looking clothes to work. I know, I wouldn’t feel as comfortable wearing this dress to work as I would to drinks or dinner. BUT, if you are comfortable with that, go for it!  It can also be option to dinner with friends, I wore it to dinner when I was in Orlando two weeks ago.

This shirt dress is a addition to your wardrobe!  The length is longer than I normally go for but it looks good and although the fabric is like a sweater material, it doesn’t make you hot, which coming from a girl living in Miami, it’s a HUGE plus!!

If you feel like wearing this shirt dress, get it here. 

Let me know in the comments below your thoughts! – Belen

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