As you know, my life has taken quite a spin in the last few months. I have always believed that we, women, have everything in our power to create the lives we want. We do not need a guy to come in and give us a life; they come into our lives to make it better and help us grow, yes but not to fix us. 

I get pissed when I hear women say something like “I just want to get married and stop working… just live life”. My thought is always something like: “Excuse me?! Did you just happen to forget how much the women before us fought for us to have the rights and the opportunities we have now??”

I just don’t get it. I don’t get why women can give up on their dreams and goals so easily. I don’t understand why we give men so much power. I don’t get why we think we don’t have ANY power. 

–Insert my break-up– 

I started to think 


Yes. All my plans, all my goals, my desires… they suddenly just didn’t make any sense. I would think… why work so hard? Why do all these things? No one even really cares. What’s the point of just wanting to make more and more money? 

I started to quietly, slowly, give up. 

Yeah, I deleted instagram off of my phone because I didn’t want to compare my life to others and because I was wasting too much time but truly, I was also just giving up on me. On my goals with my business because for some crazy reason, I thought it didn’t matter anymore. 

Well, here’s what I found out: My desire to be a successful career woman and business owner has been in me weeeelll before I was even in a relationship. Every single achievement I have had, while I’ve been supported by my family/friends/boyfriend, has been MY achievement and every single thing I want, I want for myself, for my future, for my life, not anyone else’s.

Sure, there will come a point again in which I will have to share my goals and future with someone else, but they will always still remain being my goals and no one can take that away from me. 

The thought that your goals get put on hold because you end a relationship, is unacceptable. 

I give myself permission to be sad, until today. No more. 

Everything that I need, and that you need, my friend, is already within you. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Please do not wait for someone to come into your life to fix it. 

Women in the past fought so much for us and us, today, continue to fight for more and more. Let’s not go backwards in time just because we feel feelings a lot. 

We are capable of soooo much more. 

Also know this. Do not question your goals or your dreams. The very thought of it, makes it completely possible. 

You deserve your goal, simply because you thought of it. 

And remember… 

“The most common way people give up their power, is by thinking they don’t have any.”

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