It seems like nowadays everyone wants to be their own boss. The term “entrepreneur” is heard of at every networking conversation and even when HR executives look for “entrepreneurs” to hire. An entrepreneur is someone who wants to dictate his or her own calls and live life on her/his own terms. But, how do you know if you “qualify” to live life as an “entrepreneur”? Here are five things to consider before you make the jump:

  1. Learn and be okay with hearing the word “No” – Starting a business or being an entrepreneur for that matter, means you a little crazy. You have an idea and have a strong believe it will work. A lot of times (ok. Most of the time) people will think you are out of your mind for not going the “normal” route of life; graduate, get a job, get promoted and life “happily” every after and so, when you ask for help, money or advice, the answer will be NO. Learn and understand this will happen more often than not but you need to be strong and don’t let them discourage you… someone will see what you see and eventually, say yes!
  2. Learn and be okay to be alone – Following #1, you will be alone in this venture. Okay, if you have a co-founder it’s going to be two of you to keep company but most of the time no one else will be there. Understand that your business is your life but only yours and so, family and friends will keep their joyful life and at times you will feel alone. This is okay, it’s part of the process. Again, don’t be discouraged.
  3. Learn and be okay to fail quickly – Love and believe in your idea but do not be naïve. Be open minded and reflect on your business every occasionally. Is it working? What can be changed? Are you making money? Don’t allow your ideal business idea to fail and break your heart; things change and so will businesses.Important Qualities a Founder and Entrepreneur Need to be Successful
  4. Learn and be okay with saying “No” – Following #3, you have to be patient and not let desperation ruin your business. At times, you will be looking up at the ceiling and wandering, “where are the clients?” Then, an offer too good to be true will knock on your door! When this happens, evaluate the offer and determine if it makes sense with the mission of your company. If it doesn’t, say no. You must be strong!
  5. Learn and be okay to use up all your savings – Following #4, you will need to use your savings account for hard times. You need to be okay with knowing that paychecks will not just appear on your bank account – you must work for it!

After reading these 5 cruel but true things about entrepreneurship, let me know if you feel ready to make the jump!

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