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Ok, now that we are done with that, let’s jump into it. I struggle A LOT with blackheads. It’s the main reason I like to get facials regularly and why I have a constant crush on my dermatologist!  I don’t know why my skin is prone to blackheads but, I’ve dealt with it since high school. Here’s my personal story:

Whenever I see myself in the mirror and I can spot the blackheads on my nose from far, my mood instantly drops. I start thinking about all these women that have perfect skin and why, why, do I have to be the one with blackheads on my nose??? So, I instantly jump to a “home facial” routine and  then make sure to schedule a super expensive facial at my favorite spa. This is usually how my mind works and I’m almost 100% sure, I’m not the only one… which is why I’m sharing my thoughts.


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE facials and oils and getting my face massaged but they can pretty expensive. I got a facial in February and it was $120 so, I try to do a professional facial every other month. The months when I’m not getting a professional facial, I do it myself! Clean my face, scrub, steam, take out blackheads, mask, moisturize.

Tonight though, things got much better with Biore. I tried their One Minute Self Heating Mask  (<–here’s where you click!)  and then used the Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips.  With these two products, you can basically deep clean your pores for about $12 and under 10 minutes. What else can be ask for?? I was really surprised with the performance of these products. I’ve used strips before and they didn’t really clean anything but I can assure you, this strip did. And the heating mask really heats up and it doesn’t make your skin dry so it feels amazing. How I Indulge in Self-Care With Only 10 Minutes to Spare How I Indulge in Self-Care With Only 10 Minutes to Spare

So, here are the details on these products and why you should try them: 

  1. Bioré has innovative products that really work, with superior technology, unique ingredients, and unexpected sensorial solutions that targets the root of all skin problems—the evil clogged pore, we fight smarter not harder than other cleansing offerings.
  2. Self Heating Mask Melts away dirt and oil in just 60 seconds
  3. Pore Strips’s technology works like a magnet to instantly lock on to and lift out deep down dirt, oil, and even blackheads. AND they use natural charcoal 🙂

How I Indulge in Self-Care With Only 10 Minutes to SpareSome people might think that getting facials is a bit superficial but I disagree. Personal appearance plays a big role in our confidence and can set the mood on our day to day… whoever says otherwise is lying. Don’t be afraid to indulge in your self-care because of what others might think. You should do what makes you feel content with yourself… go get that facial if that’s what you want or get some at-home supplies (like Biore) if you feel more comfortable that way 🙂

Shop the Biore products I used on this blog: Charcoal Pore Strips & Self Heating One Minute Mask

THANK YOU so much for reading and for supporting the brands that support A Hint of Life! Cannot thank you enough <3. Let me know if you have any questions about any of these products!! xo Belen

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