It’s easy (sometimes) to talk about myself, my stories, my experiences and failures in hopes of inspiring you to lead the life you want; whether it’s a corporate life, a freelance life, a healthy life or a party life – in reality, all I want is for you to fulfill your dreams regardless of what society thinks you should do and be happy; but, inspiration, motivation and teachings are all around us, reason why I’m bringing this new series to the blog – in which I will interview women (and men) about their life. What they do, how they got started and how they manage to stay balanced because, everyone’s story is different and it’s only fair we learn as much as possible in this space! First up, #bosslady Carla Dueñas 🙂

Career Woman Profile Interview About Success and Balancing Life

  • In your own words, describe what you do? As a career or volunteer or community.

    I’m a registered dietitian with a passion for teaching.  I teach weekly nutrition classes aimed at preventing and managing chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity and heart disease. In addition, I’m involved in the “Make Healthy Happen” initiative from the department of health, helping restaurants offer healthy meals to customers. I analyze recipes and modify as needed to make sure they fall within certain guidelines to help people prevent chronic diseases.

     I also lead a very active lifestyle, I’m a runner and triathlete so sports are a big part of my social and professional life . I train for fun mostly and I pace every week at the Baptist Health Brickell Run Club, Powered by Nike+. I also do consulting on sports nutrition for people at all levels and stages of training.
  • How did you realize what you wanted to do with your life?

    After struggling with a 3-month long migraine and discovering it was caused by a food allergy. Just a simple nutrition change had such a profound  physical and mental impact in my life that I decided to switch my career from medicine to nutrition to learn the science and role of food in health.

  • What are some of the challenges you had to overcome to get to where you are?

    Definitely fear of public speaking. When I was younger I used to get anxious, turn red and blank out while speaking in public. But facing your fears to overcome them definitely works! I joined Toastmasters International to help me practice and obtain feedback. It gave me skills which in turn made me confident and now I can honestly say I get excited while speaking to a group of people.

  • Where do you get inspiration when things get hard?

    I get inspired from reading. Science is constantly evolving and there is always something to learn which can spark new ideas. Also, running has helped me to deal with stress, especially early morning runs with a great playlist- it puts me in a good mood.

  • How do you find “balance” in your life? What are some of the things you try to do every day to maintain a happy, healthy and “successful” life?

    There are several things that can bring stability regardless of the changes life throws your way. For me it’s eating mindfully  (vegetables with every meal, portion controlled as well as enjoying some indulgences), running before work and going to church regularly.

And there you have it! I’ve known Carla since high school and her dedication and passion for what she does is definitely an inspiration. Love what you do and you’ll achieve more than you ever imagined! What do you think?

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