Introducing Elarie Consulting

A warm hello to all of the readers over here at A Hint of Life! Kayla and Rachele here from Elarie Consulting in Detroit, MI. As a full service career consulting operation, we’re in the business of helping career focused individuals on pursuing every avenue of their dreams. How exactly do we manage all of that? By offering real, honest, and practical career advice than you can actually put into motion – right now.

As a tag team duo, we absolutely love watching our clients succeed by creating customized career plans that allow them to thrive. We have professional backgrounds and degrees in both Business and Human Resources, and have held a variety of different jobs in a variety of different industries. [Feel free to ask Kayla about her time as a cook and Rachele’s experience working as a studio musician]. We’ve been around, seen it all, and are here to help you set things straight!

The amazing team over here at A Hint of Life invited us to help contribute to this amazing community by offering our wisdom and professional advice on how to better advance your career from all angles. And we couldn’t be more thrilled to get started!

Introducing Elarie Consulting

Our favorite thing to do as career consultants is to have meaningful conversations – and we hope we can keep the conversations going over here at A Hint of Life. We’re always open to having those tough – and honest – conversations about what it means to be successful in your career. With that being said, there are a few aspects of our business that we like readers to key into.

Your career path is about what is best for you

This means that the resume, cover letter, job searching, LinkedIn, and every other aspect of career advice that we throw your way should be soaked up as it pertains to you. No two resumes that we’ve written have ever looked the same, because no two career paths have ever turned out the same! Your professional journey is based on what is most important and critical to your success. So bring on the questions, tell us more about your backgrounds, and we’ll always strive to give your our most personalized answers!

Your career path is basically another job

Digging into accomplishments to showcase on your resume, finding the exact phrasing to put on your cover letter, and applying to jobs that truly would change your life is hard work. Why? Because nothing that was ever worth it ever came easy – for anyone! Our plan is to help you navigate those tricky career waters and ease your worries with helpful guidance on how to make this journey more meaningful.


Your career path is never complete

Sure, maybe one day you want to retire and finally sit on your couch without having to think or worry about anything – #dreambig. We’re right there with you! But in the meantime, it’s important that you never sell yourself short. You’ll hear us talking a lot of about our own transitions and career paths – and trust us – if we can do it, so can you. If you find yourself stuck in a rut, and think there’s no way out, we’re here to help. Your talents, skills, abilities, and all that experience you’ve worked so hard to achieve is worth a whole lot more than you realize!

So keep reading, readers! We’ll be back soon with our first guest post diving into how you can start advancing your career to new levels that you thought were only just dreams!

Check out Elarie Consulting and all of their amazing advice, here!


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