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Fresh out of college and don’t know what to expect from your first job? Here are a few things to keep in mind/learn from your first big-girl job.

  1. You will be serving others – Bring me this, email this, make me a copy of this, can you prepare a coffee, etc.
  2. You will probably be the first in and last one out… enjoy the hours
  3. Someone might dislike you – this often comes with jealousy or defensiveness. Don’t let it get to you; just do your job.
  4. Take notes – always, always have something to write with. Do not trust your head; rust your notes.
  5. Learn from your bosses – I think this one is very important. Bosses will be bosses but they have a little more experience than you; listen to what they have to say and soak everything in.
  6. Commit – I’m not going to say, do not sleep for this job but, really commit to doing exceptional work. Remember that you might need recommendation letters for your next jobs, so never burn a bridge.

A Hint of Life shares first job advice

The most important thing to take away from this job advice is, the experience, the knowledge. Absorb everything: the good and the bad. Learn the good and be aware of the bad so that on your next job you can anticipate and be proactive!

Remember a first job is not forever, do not drown yourself in frustration and negativity 🙂

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