It’s no secret that I love yogurt. It’s my go-to breakfast with chunks of pineapple and so, naturally I’m open to trying new yogurts when they fit into my “healthy regime” – meaning, no artificial ingredients and organic. I must say, Liberte stole my heart when I discovered one of their flavors is Ecuadorian Mango! (because that’s where I was born and one of the things I miss the most are the mangoes we get there!). Unfortunately, when I went to my neighborhood Publix, the Ecuadorian Mango flavor was sold out and I opted for the Philippine Coconut – which wasn’t a bad decision at all! Liberte yogurts are good for a quick breakfast and even a snack if you are craving ice cream for example. No need to feel guilty about eating something SO delicious because it is made out of all organic products, non gmo and no artificial ingredients. Sounds too good to be true?

Well! It’s not. Get your weekly does of yummy yogurt at your nearest Publix with this coupon – No excuses!

Please try the Ecuadorian Mango is you can and let me know how it goes!! Share your experiences tagging #CulturedTaste

GET YOUR COUPON HERE – xo Belen Baquerizo

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