Hi besties! How are you? It’s been a while since I sit here and write to you guys. I’ve been focusing a lot on instagram stories and although I love stories, sometimes you need a full-on letter style message; right? At least, I think so.

So, here we go. Where to even start? This year, 2019 is already going by super fast. I feel like it was just January when I was setting out personal and business goals. Now, these goals are actually happening which means, we are not in January anymore! So, let’s start with the personal stuff and then we’ll move into business life.

My jaw. OMG it hurts! My jaw has been hurting for a year now. It’s the right side and in the beginning it hurt because it cracked every time I  opened it. I felt like my jaw was getting dislocated every day. So, I got a night guard. The cracking problem faded but after a while I started feeling like my right side of the jaw was tied with a knot (does that make sense??). So, my ear started hurting, every time I try to have a piece of steak for example, I have to maneuver the steak so that I don’t have to open my mouth so wide. If I eat something crunchy, it hurts. I went to the dentist and she told me I had to wear my night-guard everyday, all day long. Now, I hope you understand I work from home but there are a few times a week in which I socialize with the outside world and having a night-guard during work meetings is obviously a no,no.

Well, that didn’t work. The night-guard helped a little but after a while I went back to the dentist and turns out, the night-guard was not evenly made – ha! so that probably messed up my jaw.

Turns out, my jaw still hurts. I have requested to go to a specialist but for some reason she won’t give a referral just yet soooo she prescribed me a muscle relaxer. This sounds fun. it.is.not. Thank God I didn’t take the medicine when I was in LA for work… I’d have probably been fired.

This medicine makes me sooo tired, drowsy… I literally left like I was high the first couple of days. I worked so hard at concentrating for work that after the day was over, I was exhausted! We are on day 3 of the medicine, I have 4 more days to go. Please God, Universe, help my jaw relax so I can move forward in life and eat whatever I want!

Have you ever had a problem like this?? 

Is this post too long? I hope not. Let’s keep going.

Car lease! My car lease ends on April 3rd and I still don’t know what to do. Do I keep it and do the buying option or do I turn it in and lease another car? You see, the thing here is I don’t want to pay the extra miles – I feel like paying the extra miles is a waste of money.

If I decide to “buy” the car, I don’t have to worry about the extra miles and life goes on. Probably my monthly payment would go down as well, which is a GREAT thing (Do I sound extremely frugal?)

Now, do I want a new car? a different brand? Those are the thoughts in my head.

You see, I have a mazda 3 – the cute little one.  I love the car and it literally drives like a bmw; it feels really smooth. I’ve had a bmw so I can tell you for sure, it feels the same.

What I didn’t like about the bmw was the amount of money I spent on gas. Again, anything that has to do with miles and gas, in my mind is a waste of money.

I can get my mind around a higher monthly payment for a luxury car but I can’t get my mind around paying more for gas. Am I alone here??

So, I don’t know what to do. Obviously I want a luxury car but I don’t want to feel guilty about gas money. Also, I shall repeat again that the mazda 3 drives like a bmw, so am I just looking for a brand validation?? 

I really need to make up my mind, NOW, because I don’t have much time left. What would you do? Help me out!

Ok, lastly! Big Dreams!

Should I write about this now or on another post? hmmm… right now feels right.

What can I tell you about big dreams? Well, that I have them. I set major goals for my personal business this year and I’m on my way to achieving them. I’m done playing small. I’m done not setting big expectations for my business when I set big expectations for myself at my full-time job aaalll the time. It’s time for me to take this business seriously and run with it.

This is why you see me on stories all the time! It’s time for big things to happen.

So what do I have planned and how can you get involved? Glad you asked! haha

There’s many ways for you and I to be in business together. It’s always a win-win situation.

The intention with everything I do is to help, to be a source of guidance in your life so you can live a little bit better. If we make little differences everyday, the change will be gigantic. Little steps are the way to go, in my opinion.  Here are the things I’m doing to help more and more of you: 

  1. I’m hosting a group of women (and men) every month to get healthy from inside out. I do this group in partnership with Arbonne – a global plant-based, non-gmo, peta approved health and nutrition company. I finished the 30 days on March 4th and my life has changed forever. A post on 30 days experience is coming your way. So, if you want to change your nutrition habits, detox your body, reduce bloating, possibly lose weight, send me a message and I’ll get you set up. This group starts every month. The cost if $295. Trust me, it’s worth it.
  2. Opening spots for 1:1 coaching. I can help you with workouts, healthier habits, accountability, mindset, guidance, career, side hustle. You have access to me via text 24/7 with (4) 1-hour phone calls for $219 a month.
  3. Surprise! working on something special. I don’t have a release date yet but I can promise it will be an amazing source for you, the corporate/career woman. And of course, you’ll be the first to know.

So, as you can see I’ve been pretty busy over the past few months getting things into alignment and now it’s time to… RELEASE and I hope you come with me on this ride.

I want to take some time here as well to share my gratitude towards all of you. Whether you’ve been following my journey for the past 3 years, whether you’ve seen me sad, happy, excited, a few pounds heavier, whether you’ve bought something from me or one of my links, I want to thank YOU. Whether you only watch, read, and we’ve never spoken, I see you. I see each and every one of you on my instagram. I know who likes, who comments, who watches and it means SO much to me. I want to thank you for being the force that pushes me to show up everyday and be the best version of myself when at times, it’s really freaking hard. I want to thank you for trusting me and taking into consideration the things I share or the products I recommend. It means a lot that you take my words seriously because I say and type them with the biggest respect and seriousness there is. I want to thank you ALL for being part of this journey and for making me feel a little more confident in growing my business, in starting to charge for services I’ve done for free for too long.

Know that when you click on something I recommend or buy something from me you are validating my work, you are the piece in the puzzle that allows for more opportunities to come my way and each one of you plays a part in making my dreams come true. You are making my dream life become a reality, little by little, slowly but surely, I will get there and it’s all because of you.

Wow. I really missed writing, didn’t I?! haha – Well, my hope was to tell you about the things in my life that I can’t share on social media. Hopefully this wasn’t too boring!!

By the way, I’m deactivating the comments section on the blog because I always get random messages from people wanting to improve their seo by spamming other websites. SO! if you want to ask me any questions, please email me: belen@ahintoflife.com or DM me on instagram, you guys know I’m always there 🙂

xo, Belen

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