Fall weather in MiamiYou probably don’t know this because we live in Miami but on Sept. 22nd, Fall officially started and although the start of Fall is probably the happiest of days for the rest of the United States, for us in Miami it’s only a small relief. By living in Miami, we know that seasons barely exist; the only thing we get is “hot” and “not so hot” and that’s exactly where Fall falls for us. As you know, the temperature drops a little bit but the most noticeable change in the weather is the humidity as we finally don’t feel like the clothes are sticking onto our skin and our make-up isn’t running like we just ran a marathon (well, except if you are outside at 12pm; then the experience is different). There’s actually some people that go a little crazy! I’m sure you have seen them on the streets in the morning with boots or leather jackets… I mean, the weather is not so unbearable anymore but sexy shorts and light-weight blouses are still necessary until around late November when the wind becomes a little crisp a couple a times a week… then we can bring out our “winter gear!”.Fall weather in MiamiSo, we are seeing now all the fashion magazines, Instagram accounts and bloggers talk about “Fall fashion” with the beautiful darker colors, the heavier prints and the thicker fabrics but… we are in Miami which makes it really hard to follow through with Fall Fashion. Thankfully, as you know, there is a solution for everything! As I mentioned on the post last Friday, Fashion is almost like a game and you can change it up however you want to. Animal prints can still be worn without it being a jacket or a scarf. The fabric also doesn’t have to be thick – I think the dress I’m wearing here is chiffon so it’s breezy enough for the walk to lunch in Downtown Miami or Coral Gables when its sizzling hot! And if it gets a little breezy at night and you are at the Bay having a drink, add a bright colored cardigan like this one and problem solved!

Being in Miami when the entire country is in Fall or Winter is a quick reminder that living in Miami is magic; we are where people come to escape the brutal snow weather from up north and we can head to the beach and have a mojito and instantly feel like we are in some island in the Caribbean. Although at times, being Fashionistas, has us wishing for some sort of Winter weather down here, we can still rock a sexy fall outfit like no one else on the planet!

Get the look!

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