You guys have probably heard the expression “this or that is SO Miami!” but, what exactly is SO Miami? What is living SO Miami?

Living in SO Miami is such a variety of unique things and experiences that make this city magical most of the time. Only in Miami we can experience the mixture of cultures… and makes it easier for everyone that started a new life here to feel closer to home; if you are South American like myself, you know what I’m talking about; or If you are from any other part of the world, you also have a similar experience. We all come here for a better life, which makes the Miami community, the headquarters for a variety of cultures, a big family. Unlike other cities, where I have been to, in Miami everyone seems to like each other or at least accept and learn from one another; there’s not much discrimination and there’s a place for everyone in this crazy jungle! Miami Beach for the party animals, electronic music obsessed, Brickell for the sophisticated, Wynwood for the hipsters, Coconut Grove for the students, Coral Gables for the parents!

As far as the lifestyle is concerned, it’s also unique! The great majority of Miamians want to have a good time.
Don’t get me wrong, everyone here works very hard but outside office hours, everyone plays even harder, including myself from time to time. I have noticed that everyone in Miami has an outgoing and a laid-back side; we want to work, make a good living but doing it with a smile and drinks at 5:30 pm is part of it as well.
Weekends are usually for having some beer at the beach, or a ride on a yacht with some mimosas, if you are lucky enough, the never ending rum & coke and great times with friends. As much as we want to have a good time every day, looking and feeling good is part of our aesthetic as well.

Living in so Miami.
Since we have such nice weather pretty much all year, outdoor activities are part of our routines. You can find people jogging right on Brickell Ave, heading to the gym or riding their bikes along Key Biscayne right after work but when summer comes around, you know the heat can be a bit suffocating so outdoor activities are pretty much restricted to early mornings or evenings, when the sun is not out to kill you! Miami is just all about having the GOOD LIFESTYLE WE ALL DESIRE. Look good, feel good, be good, do good. AND SPEND GOOD!

“No white is allowed after Labor Day”. Yea, well, that doesn’t work for Miami. With the heat and the humidity, white is pretty much worn year-round! And shopping is one of the favorite hobbies down here. With Aventura Mall and Sawgrass Outlets in our backyard we can get the latest trends that fit “Miami weather”; Fashion designers should consider making “Miami-only Collections” as we just can’t wear knee-high boots in October! Also, Sawgrass Mall – Unless I really, really have get something special that I don’t want to spend too much on, Sawgrass is an option.

So, living in SO Miami is a blast and there are so many unique things about this place and experiences that can be great and awkward sometimes. I will keep you updated about some of my personal experiences of living here that I’m pretty sure probably many of you have seen or done here in Miami. On this weekly series, I’m going to share it all with you!


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