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Today, I’m here to tell you 2 things which are incredibly important for your health – mind, body & soul.

Take notes:Why focus on your health

  1. Take care of yourselves. There is nothing more important in this world than our health. Just last week I was at a seminar that talked all about inner health, mental health and all kinds of health and last night I was reminded of it yet again. Andre (for those of you new to the blog, she’s my sister) and I wrote about our feelings (see here & here) about a situation we have going on at home and although we were more at easy with everything, last night was another wake up call. Please remember, no luxury car, no pay-check, no job is worth putting your life at risk. Sometimes we think, well I work in an office, how am I putting my life at risk? If you are not eating well, not sleeping well, not resting, not relaxing you are hurting yourself – period. Your life, your well-being IS priority, whoever doesn’t understand that should take a walk; a walk out of your life, that is. Why work SO hard for things we want if we put ourselves in danger, we won’t be able to enjoy them; this is the reason why we MUST put our health first.
  2. Learn to live, digest, accept and keep on keeping on. If you read the posts I left the link for in the paragraph above, you know this #2 has been particularly tough for me. When bad/sad situations happen to any loved one I get really nervous and start thinking of all the negative outcomes. It’s been 3 months since I wrote that last post about my heart aching and although it’s still difficult to see a family member go thru something difficult, I learned I have to be strong; there’s no other way. Have you read the book the secret? I read it when I was in high school but I still remember it talks about how to deal with pain and it tells you accept pain, allow it to come into your body, feel it in your bones, cry if you have to, scream if you have to, sleep if you have to and then… throw it away.

Why focus on your health

Life goes on. We are put on this Earth for a reason and the challenges we face are here to teach us something. At times, it’s difficult to understand what the learning is and we keep asking WHY, WHY, WHY??? but, take a deep breath, allow yourself to really feel and let it go.

  • Writing down your feelings can also help – writing this blog post definitely helps!
  • Working out to release the bad energy is also a good idea
  • Don’t let your mind play games with you. I could have shut down the computer and not gotten up out of bed this morning but, how could that have helped? Once you accept your pain, feel it and can let it go, keep living life.

Hope this post helps if you are going thru a difficult situation and if you are not, take notes and remember to let go and keep living 🙂

Leave me your thoughts, comments or questions below 🙂 Happy to help!

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Tips on keeping your mind healthy Tips on keeping your mind healthy Tips on keeping your mind healthy

xo Belen

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