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Making History This Spring with Walmart Fashion

I typed “Making History” on google and was disappointed. The first two pages are about a TV show and there’s no information on anything that actually made history in humanity. Then, page 3 surprises me. There’s a Harvard course on Women Making History. Now we are talking.

To create the future we must understand the past. 

Over the past couple of years, I’ve witnessed how women are more and more engaged in making a difference, in changing the notions of what women could and should do. What an incredible time to be alive and what an incredible honor to take our lives and do something of significance with them; for us, and for our future generations. 

I feel a sense of responsibility for making these changes happen. For setting an example and opening the door for many others to walk through. 
Making History This Spring with Walmart Fashion

Walmart also surprised me. Things are happening you guys. Everything is happening in front of us. We Dress America is Walmart’s newest fashion campaign that celebrates fashion for all. Because why shouldn’t everyone be stylish, and feel empowered regardless of their bank account? 

Walmart’s We Dress America stands for style that’s original, doesn’t discriminate, at prices that all of us can actually feel good about.  I’m SO happy about this because to be honest, I’m tired of hearing brands advertise as affordable for pieces that are from $75-$150; excuse me, affordable for who. Right?

I wore this outfit this past Sunday when I traveled to Atlanta for work and the sweatshirt I actually wore multiple times during the trip. It’s SO, SO comfy and light. Perfect for traveling our just lounging around at home. The pants are GREAT for work. I wore them to the airport because they are so soft but they are actually for work and guess what? They are $16.92 – Now, THAT’S affordable. 


xo – Belen 

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