Hii! Welcome back to my blog!  As we end the year and look to start the new year with our health is place, today I wanted to talk about 8 medical check ups we all need to take care of!

We generally tend to go to the doctors to be checked when something is wrong. While modern medicine is incredible and the vast majority of illnesses and conditions can be treated or managed, there are many that once detected, they can be too late to do anything about.  I know this is sad topic to mention but, we’ve got to be real, besties!

8 Medical Check Ups You Need To Take Care Of Every Year

Why are we scared of the doctors?

I’m right there with you… I’m a pessimist when it comes to my future and I ALWAYS think about the most negative outcome. I like to say I’m a realist… but we all know the truth!

The thing is though… Why are we leaving it until something is wrong before we get medical check ups? I’m pretty sure it makes more sense to have regular check ups done so we can maintain good health and prevent illness and disease; right? RIGHT. Let’s get into it. 

The 8 medical check ups we need: 

1. Weight and BMI

This is medical check-up is pretty straight forward!  You can do it by yourself at home if you have a reliable set of scales (preferably digital, so there is no risk of misreading the results). You can also use something like a Wii Fit, which will assess your BMI (body mass index) and help you to set achievable goals and targets for weight loss, in case you need them. If you don’t have access to these, your regular doctor, nurse or even a pharmacist should be able to weigh you accurately and help you with losing (or gaining!) weight.

2. Pap (cervical smear) test

This is obviously one for us women but is so important yet often overlooked. I know it has happened to me in the past! It is recommended every 2 or 3  years for women aged between 21 and 65 and definitely starting within 2 years of becoming sexually active. This test will check for changes in the cells around the cervix, which can be an early indicator of cervical cancer. It also checks for the HPV virus and gives your doctor the opportunity to test for thrush or any other issues.

3. Skin cancer check

It’s a good idea to check yourself over regularly for any unusual lumps and bumps to any part of the body, but keep a close eye on any moles. If they change color or shape, it is imperative you get a medical check up as it can be a sign that they have turned cancerous. Get your doctor to have a close look of your skin – they will be able to see if there are any early warnings of skin cancer.

4. Blood pressure

Regular blood pressure checks are necessary because high blood pressure, otherwise known as hypertension can put a significant strain on the arteries and organs. This, in turn, can increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Low blood pressure isn’t quite as severe but can cause dizziness and fainting spells in some people. It’s interesting because my dad has high blood pressure and my mom has low blood pressure; Obviously, my dad’s is much more severe and he’s always getting medical check ups because our bodies are always changing.  

8 Medical Check Ups You Need To Take Care Of Every Year 5. Glucose and cholesterol

High cholesterol can cause arteries to be clogged, increasing the risk of strokes and heart attacks. High glucose levels in the blood can be a sign of diabetes, which, if left untreated, can be fatal. Finding these early signs can make a big difference to overall health. Don’t treat your body lightly! Every sign matters. 

6. Hearing and Sight Test

Hearing issues are more prevalent in younger people than ever, due to more of us using earbuds and headphones, loud working environments, noisy jet engines and concerts etc. Where before it was generally considered an older person test, it’s something we should be checking on a regular basis. Regular eye tests are also important because sometimes, your eyesight can deteriorate slowly without you noticing. Sight tests can also pick up other issues, such as tumors or cysts on the brain and we don’t want those, besties. Let’s keep our hearing and sight on a healthy note! 

7. Bowel cancer test

It is recommended that people over the age of 50 get medical check ups every few years for colon and bowel cancer. There are different ways of checking for this, both through internal tests or simple stool tests. Of course, if you are younger than 50 (which I think we all are!) and are showing any symptoms of bowel cancer, you should book an appointment with you doctor as soon as possible for testing. Also, this information is good to know for future reference or to advice your family members. Knowledge is power! 

8. Dental check

It is recommended that you go to your dentist every six months for hygiene check-ups and any minor dental work, such as fillings. Like other tests, it can show us if there is anything we can do to prevent the need for further and more invasive procedures.

Extra medical check ups 

Those are the main 8 medical check ups I have read about and think we all need to be aware of! I think knowledge is our best ally and the more we know, the better we can take care of ourselves.

Obviously, there are many more medical check ups for people over a certain age, such as a bone density test, mammograms and prostate tests, or if you have any symptoms or predisposition to certain illnesses and diseases for which you’d have to check with your doctor.There is also the option of having a full body scan, which can check for multiple things at once! #busygirl 

Let’s end this medical check ups situation!

Lastly, I would just like to say that although these medical check ups are necessary to do at least once a year, it’s EXTREMELY important to note that if you have any symptoms or signs that something isn’t right, you should book an appointment with your doctor to get it check up… ASAP.  

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