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When was the last time you felt like had a good night sleep? Sleep better at night with this product I've been using Nerves, anxiety, stress, lack of sleep whatever you want to call it can get pretty intense. For the past three months, I haven’t been sleeping well (see here). Actually, my Fitbit, I sleep around 6 hours and 15 min everyday which as you know, is not good. Because I have a full-time job and work on A Hint of Life at night, I knew the hours of sleep are not going to increase much but the quality of sleep could. I needed to try something.

Have you heard of The Skinny Confidential? It’s one of my favorite blogs and Lauryn (the creator) had been talking about CALM water and how it was great to help you sleep at night so I wanted to give it a try.

I drink CALM water right before bed. I warm up 3 oz of water and add my dose of CALM. The directions tell you to start with 1/2 a teaspoon and gradually increase until up to 2 teaspoons. Right now, I’m doing a little less than 1 teaspoon. Once the powder dissolves with the water, I add a little more of water. Essentially, you have a full glass of water with CALM in it. This is the last thing I drink before going to bed.

My first week drinking it, I felt like it was putting me to sleep really fast but I think it was just my body adapting to the Magnesium. Now, everything is perfectly normal but I DO feel the difference in my sleep when I wake up. I wake up energized and like I really rested. I don’t feel exhausted or like I want to stay in bed for 20 more hours; you know?Sleep better at night with this product I've been using I didn’t want to write this post until I had someone else I knew speak for it. I sent CALM to my brother in Colorado because he’s struggling with sleeping at night and this morning he texted me to say, what was that thing I sent him because he slept SO good! He’s going to continue to use it and is ready to place his order on Amazon 🙂

Soo, there’s my proof that it works. I wouldn’t give my brother something that didn’t work but I wanted some reassurance. Just to make sure.

I 100% recommend this product. If you want, buy the smaller container (like I did) and see how it goes. It comes in different flavors, the one I bought is “Raspberry Lemon” and it takes good – sort of like a pink lemonade.

Buy CALM Water, here

On another note, there’s this calming tea I want to talk to you about but I’ll leave it for next time. I don’t want to mix information (obviously I didn’t think about that when I was taking pictures on Sunday but, what can you do? #bloggerlife) but as a sneak peek, the main topic will be “Ayurveda” – The knowledge of life. STAY TUNED!

Ok so, tell me if you have tried CALM before or if it’s something you want to try!

Leave me your thoughts below or send me a DM on Instagram or email me directly at – Thank you for stopping by.

xo Belen

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