A Hint of Life shares her 2016 agenda planner

Happy 2016! I hope you had a great time with you family celebrating the new year. Every year we make “resolutions” and really, I’m over them. By the end of the year, you have forgotten all about them and then you are depressed thinking about all the things you DIDN’T do.

Therefore, this year I will only aim to be a better version of myself and whatever the world brings me, I will take one step at a time. Anyway, organization and work never end and with the new year, I thought I would show you my 2016 agenda/planner and tell you a little bit how I use it.A Hint of Life shares her 2016 agenda plannerI know it’s the digital era but I simply CANNOT keep my calendar/planner on my phone… it just doesn’t work and I know there might be someone out there like me. So, here we go.

* The best agendas for me are the bigger ones because it’s easier to write down things and you have more space.

* In my agenda, I write down:

Due dates (work projects, personal projects)

Appointments (Doctor’s, mani/pedi, facial, work lunches, work meetings)

To- Do Lists (Daily to-do lists for work and personal things)

Birthdays (We can’t forget these!)

Payments/Transfers (I keep most of my payments on auto-payment but there are a few, that I have to do manually. I keep these payments there so that I don’t forget. If I have to transfer money to different accounts, I write it down too, so everything is on time).

Trips (This will help you plan before your trip so you are not stressed during your travels). A Hint of Life shares her 2016 agenda planner*** TIP *** Make sure you write down your “due dates” and/or appointments on a different color (I go with red), so that it stands out. Also make sure you write down reminders of these due dates. For example, If I have a work project due on Tuesday, I have a reminder written down for it on Friday & Monday. This will keep you delivering work & life projects on time! 

I hope these tips on working with your agenda/planner help you a little bit. Do you have any additional tips? It’s a lot of planning and anticipating but this hard work will help you have a better balance between work and life!

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