I’ve been on a roll listening to the Yoga Girl podcast. If you haven’t done so, I suggest you do. I used to be very good at listening to every episode every week and then I fell off the routine. I’m happy I’m back now. I love how she speaks. It’s really refreshing. 

So, yesterday I was feeling a bit anxious and so I put on the podcast while I was taking the dishes out of the dishwasher and she was interviewing Sophia Amoruso. I LOVE Sophia – I found her book in 2017 and was completely amazed by everything she had accomplished at such a young age. She started her first company, Nasty Gal at 22 and grew it’s revenue to $100 million without a single cent in debt. yeap. 

Obviously, then came her downfall and filing for bankruptcy. If you don’t know her story, I wrote a blog post about it. Read it here. 

Anyway, fast-forward to now and she has a completely different business. On the outside everything seems shiny, and well, and happy, and successful and not that she’s not successful but I love how open and sincere the podcast was. 

She spoke about not having time to unwind after such a dramatic end of her first company, and her divorce. Four months after Nasty Gal filed for Chapter 11 and her divorce was final, she started her new company: Girlboss. Sophia was also really open about not being well right now; she feels like she’s in a funk… she described it as being blaah and not really knowing why. 

Rachel (Yoga Girl) asked her, if she felt she had had enough time to process everything that had happened and if she had closure that helped her get back up again and keep going. Sophia said: 


I was surprised. I think us, regular human beings, not millionaires, think really successful people have everything together. Have their thoughts, their emotions together and that they probably take soo much time off when something happens and then they start…. fresh. 

Well no, and Sophia just said it very loud and clear. She wishes she could afford to just go to Costa Rica and find herself but the truth of the matter is, she has a mortgage to pay for. When you fail, or your business fails, or your relationship fails, you just have to get back up and do it. There’s no nice, beautiful way to say it. 

Your life depends on you choosing to show up and do the work that matters. Your house depends on it, your food depends on it, your resume depends on it, your reputation depends on it. 

Yeah, she might have money saved up (obviously) but she just got back up and continued to go for it. 

No feeling is final. The only final thing is death. If you are still walking this earth and reading this email… none of our feelings are final. So we must get up and do the damn thing. 

If we can’t show up and continue going for ourselves, then we have to change the narrative and show up for the world. We have to believe so hard in our abilities, in our skills, in our knowledge that we just can’t fathom the idea of not showing it to others. 

I know that might sound weird and I hope it came out the right way. You and I have something special inside of us. When we close up and choose to do nothing, we are depriving the world from our magic. Think of that as being selfish. 

How can the world survive without your light, your knowledge, your expertise? 

It can’t. 

We are here to make an impact in the world. ALL OF US. 

Don’t let your current feelings define the rest of your life. 

Let us work through our feelings as we work through our life and make a good impact on others.

Shift your efforts from benefiting only you, into benefiting others. It’s easier to get back up for others. Trick the mind and just GO FOR IT.  

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