I’m sure you have heard the word “collaboration” a thousand times in the past couple of months with the new phenomenon of #girlboss and women empowering women. To be honest, and you can be completely honest with me too… I didn’t 100% believe in this because it seemed too good to be true. You are busting your butt to get going in life, to have a career, to build a business or simply to have a stable relationship with your boyfriend and the world is now telling us that we need to be more compassionate, that we need to help one another (specially women), that we need to collaborate so that we all grow together but, I’m sure you have questioned yourself, is there really space for all of us out there to succeed?
business talk - career collaborationYou probably feel selfish, I know (I do too) but it’s the truth; In a world where almost everything is measured by money, it’s really hard to believe in “collaboration” because those often come for free and then how is success measured? Well, I have lived and I have learned. The problem and the reason why we think like this is because we get “inspired” and “motivated” by all the people who already went through tough times; we are inspired by people who already have what we wish to have or what we wish to accomplish so it seems unattainable to collaborate like they do because hey! they don’t necessarily need the money.
Yesterday, I got a call from one of my best friends. She is a creative genius and I’m… well, I’m just me I guess – always looking for new opportunities – I had sent her a semi-presentation of an idea and so we got talking and there it was…. a collaboration in the making, a trade. Her creative mind for my “creative writing skills”. We won’t be making any money out of this collaboration but the future is bright. Collaborating, if you have done it before, is like magic: two people with ideas, a big goal, uniting and making a difference. So, girls!(and guys!) Don’t close up your mind, be open to new possibilities and if you have collaborated before, tell me: what you are best practices for a great collaboration?


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