Once upon a time, I was a morning person. Sometimes I think it might still be in me, but its different. I remember the times when the alarm would go off at 6:30AM and I would wake up to read in the morning sun – which is my favorite time of the day – maybe this was because it was during college and although I worked and studied, the days seemed longer. Am I right?  Now, I wake up at 6:30AM because someone has to pay the bills you know? It just doesn’t feel the same.morning-relaxation-techniques-relaxing-music

Truly though, I want to enjoy my morning time the way I used to and it must start with relaxing. What I’m about to say might not sound like relaxing much to you but the purpose is for this to serve you as a form of inspiration and adapt it to your life as you see fit. Setting the alarm early for a morning workout, a nice shower, a sit-down breakfast with a cup of coffee while listening to some relaxing music is magical, romantic, beautiful and makes me so happy. This all comes with having a strict schedule – bedtime is no later than 11:30pm to be able to wake up and workout because let’s FACE IT – Working out doesn’t necessarily beat my love for sleep. 

This week is my second week having this schedule and I feel calm with myself so I’m going to stick to it. When you rush in the mornings, don’t you feel like the day is running you? I don’t appreciate the day doing this to me; I like my romantic mornings by.my.self. My workout is 25 minutes with T-25 and my relaxing music comes from Pandora Station – Instrumental Chill Radio.morning-relaxation-techniques-relaxing-music morning-relaxation-techniques-relaxing-music

Establishing a morning routine or morning relaxation technique will uplift your entire day. When we feel in control since the moment we wake up, our attitude is much better through-out the day. Be conscious of your actions – not only the actions towards others but the actions towards yourself; these actions will help shape you, your day and in turn, your life.morning-relaxation-techniques-relaxing-music

Are you currently following any relaxation techniques in the morning? Let me know if I’m missing something! 

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