Hi girls, today I’m making an impromptu blog post. I follow an editorial calendar and today is marked as “Career” post in which I tell you my experiences in the work environment as a way to inspire you to follow your dreams and never give up.

Today is a holiday in the USA and most people take this day as an extra day of vacation which is great! I don’t mean to put anyone down but, I thought… 3 day weekends make us so so lazy when we finally make it back to the office so, why not start the week off slow? During the work week, we are so busy with work that we put our personal stuff to the side and then the weekend comes and all we want to do is have fun. Who’s with me? So, today… being it a Holiday for most of us in the USA, take some charge. By the time you are reading this it will be 2pm in the East Coast. WE STILL HAVE TIME! Make a to-do list (nothing crazy) and get to it. How to be productive during a Holiday

What’s on my to-do list? Here it is:

  • Watch Homeland (a show I watch with my parents and they watched it last week so I wanted to be up to date so this week we can watch together and have bonding time)
  • Do my nails (I got a gel manicure for the holidays and after 3 weeks, they are not pretty.)
  • Update a contract (we lease an apartment and the contract is due for renewal in a couple of weeks)
  • Taxes paperwork (A Hint of Life is a legitimate business, so I need to get all the taxes paperwork done… I’m almost done!)
  • Research (I have a secret project going on, so I need to do some research about it)
  • Get a massage (My aunt gave me a 1 hour massage for Christmas and I made the appointment for today as on a normal work week, it’s impossible to make it on time)
  • See a friend (Possibly see one of my best friends for dinner… after the massage!)
  • Set up all blog posts for this week (organization is key to success; right?)

And well, I don’t know if I will achieve them all but I already have 1, 2, 3 done – YAY! – Use time wisely, you will be thankful by end of the week when you can actually enjoy your weekend and disconnect 🙂

What’s your to – do list going to look like today? Tell me below!

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