First off, happy 2017! Hope you had a great time with your family and friends! We are heading back home today from Mexico where we spent New Years!

The Happiness Planner was a gift from one of the Create & Cultivate conferences in 2016 and although I had heard of it in the past, I didn’t really know how it was supposed to help with self-improvement. Last week, I cracked it open and started my self-improvement tasks. Since my happiness planner was gifted, it’s a shorter version but the goal is the same: to help you build a life full of happiness through self development. We all want to live happy lives but we don’t even know what “happy” means to us.

“In the search for happiness, however, we are all equal: none of us is happy.” – Paulo Coelho

We search, search and search for happy moments but if we don’t start by looking within and determining what it is that sparks happiness in us… how can we find it? We can’t. That’s why The Happiness Planner was created, to help you get to know yourself and then, start planning for the life you want. “Self-Reflection is the key to Self-Actualization.” Mo Seetubtim.The Happiness Planner for Self Imrpovement The Happiness Planner for Self Imrpovement

The Happiness Planner for Self Imrpovement The Happiness Planner for Self Imrpovement

During the month of January, I will be completing the different tasks in the happiness planner. From my Bye-bye 2016 letter, I’m sure you can tell that although I live a full life, sometimes I feel very depleted that’s the reason by I decided to start this journey. So far I have completed the 2016 reflection section as well as the “Who am I” section which I admit was hard to fill out as I never really think of my personality. The next step is to visualize my life in 10 years, then in 3 and then in 1, which is a bit terrifying but a MUST DO!

I will give you guys an update in February about my self-development, so make sure to check back! Have you tried the Happiness Planner? What was your experience like?

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