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Last week I had the opportunity to volunteer at a “The Beauty Initiative and W.E. Matter” event hosted at South Plantation High School to put together 700 bags of feminine products for schools that are in need of period supplies in South Florida! These girls that stayed after school to pack feminine products impressed and surprised me! When I was in High School, I was never part of something like this. Seeing these girls be engaged and energized about the mission was incredible. 

What it was like to pack 700 #HelpHER feminine products!

To give you some background info on these two organizations, let’s start with The Beauty Initiative – a local organization who’s mission is to teach others to take the initiative to help others in need by providing hygiene products for those with less financial possibilities; at the event where I volunteered, we provided feminine products because we all need them and truthfully… they are expensive! 

Second, W.E. Matter – a “women’s club” put together by Jillian Melinek, a high school student at South Plantation High School. Let me just say, I wish I was Jillian! This girl is set to do BIG things in life and I was so inspired by her attitude, her leadership and overall commitment to empowering women. W.E. Matter stands for: Women Empowerment Matter – Clever;huh? So, Jillian leads this club and this is the second year that they host this event for packing feminine products for those in need. Again. Heart. Full. 

What it was like to pack 700 #HelpHER feminine products!

Did you know that 1 in 4 women struggles to access feminine products? I never thought of it before I got involved with this project. BUT, Together we can change that. 

What it was like to pack 700 #HelpHER feminine products!

Thankfully there’s people like Ashley from The Beauty Initiative, Jillian from W.E. Matter and partnerships between companies like Kotex and Walmart to change the game. For every purchase of U by Kotex – U by Kotex will donate 2 products! 

What it was like to pack 700 #HelpHER feminine products! What it was like to pack 700 #HelpHER feminine products!

I encourage you to get out there, find ways in which you can help others – there are sooo many people in need that we can’t even imagine it. The perfect example is this one. Feminine products. Something so basic, something we need every month – how many times have you asked yourself: how do less fortunate women, take care of themselves during their period?

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