Wasn’t kidding when I said millennial couples’ reality is that guys cook better than girls; do you agree?  Luis (my boyfriend) doesn’t only like to cook more than me, but it’s 10000% much better than me at it. But, I do LOVE the idea of being an awesome cook and being more involved in the … Continue Reading

Hi team! I wanted to write a quick update on A Hint of Life as we haven’t shared new stories for the past two weeks. There’s nothing to fear; in fact, there’s a lot to be excited about. We are working really hard behind the scenes to bring you a better A Hint of Life. … Continue Reading

On this unedited interview we talk to Rachael Todd – Mindset Coach – about her 10 year adventure of pageants, winning the tittle of Miss United States in 2017, questioning risks, finding mentors, jumping into entrepreneurship, choosing self love and living for you.  You can find Rachael on instagram and on her website – she’s … Continue Reading

Miami Swim Week  is over and now, it’s time to re-create the outfits we loved from show attendees. While some pieces are designer and exclusive, we sourced the internet to find affordable similar pieces to re-create these Miami Style outfits. Which one’s your favorite?? 

Emotional intelligence was first introduced into my life when an old boss told one of my co-workers she needed to work on her emotional intelligence and recommended a book for her – a book she never read. Since then, I’ve been interested in all things personal development and suddenly, emotional intelligence came back around. As … Continue Reading

{By Helen Bradford} – Every year brings along new trends in fashion and beauty. While true beauty comes from within, if you want to boost your confidence, or simply save time in your busy and demanding life, check out the following beauty treatments freshly curated for you:   DPL for a Smooth Summer Experience How … Continue Reading

{By Margarita Wells, an environmental professional & writer} – I began my career as an intern where I currently work; it lay the foundation for my professional path, therefore, I take my role as a mentor very seriously. Over the years I have worked with interns of different ages, educational levels and academic backgrounds and tailored … Continue Reading

Don’t you hate when you see marks on your clothing from your deodorant? Whether it’s white stains on dark clothes or yellow stains on your white clothes, we’ve all been there. And no one is judging. Luckily, I have just found the right deodorant to keep our clothes free of stains and our armpits smelling … Continue Reading

As if the interview process weren’t stressful enough, part of accepting the job offer is to negotiate your salary. Not the most fun but incredibly necessary. Money is not everything but let’s be honest here, if you are killing it at your career, you might as well be getting paid fairly; right? Ok.   Why should you … Continue Reading

{By: Brigitte Evans} Positive energy flow in our living space provides us with peace and balance in our daily lives. The ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui has a lot to teach us about using different decor items, and layouts to achieve a balance of energies known as Qi. Using the steps below will help … Continue Reading