A Hint of Life | Create & Cultivate Dallas Blogger Conference A Hint of Life | Create & Cultivate Dallas Blogger Conference Happy Monday! Got back from Dallas last night as I attended my first blogger conference this weekend and it was amazing! (See here). Create and Cultivate was perfectly planned and executed. The decoration was sooo cute with every single space whimsically and romantically decorated. Our day started early and finished at night time but the speakers made it all worth it.

The atmosphere at the Create and Cultivate conference was so empowering. It’s amazing to see that there’s so many hard working people out there that went out of the norm to achieve their dreams. Many of the top “influencers” we see today have gone through such hard times (selling their homes, moving back in with their parents, maxing out credit cards) to get to where they are and it was inspiring to see how approachable, down to earth and brave they have been. Starting your own thing is a leap of faith… Many people in the audience asked: When did you know it was the right time to start your business? How much capital did you need? How did you do it? 

The right time to start was yesterday! Don’t think twice about starting something. If it’s in your head over and over again, it’s probably a sign that you need to do it. Just go for it.

How much capital? As much as you have! Many of the people we look up in the digital world, started their business with $700 in their account. You have just got to go for it. Everything else will fall in its place.

How did they do it? They never gave up. Even if they had a 9-5 job, they went home and worked in their project because for them it wasn’t another job… It was their life. A passion project should not feel like a job, it’s part of who you are. Be restless, you might not get so much sleep when you first start but you will get there.

A Hint of Life | Create & Cultivate Dallas Blogger Conference

All in all, the conference taught me tips and tricks about the blogging business but I think the most important thing was the inspiration behind it. Follow your dreams, have a mission, be you, be consistent, be patient, you will get there. Like one of the panelists said: There’s not enough space for everyone out there but there’s enough space for those who are willing to work hard and create valuable things.” 

Are you following your dreams? Do you wake up every day excited about things?! Thank you for reading! Feel free to leave me comments, questions or just say hi! – Belen

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