This post is sponsored by Bioré, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.
Hi! Welcome back to my blog! I love love facials! I feel like they really clean up my skin and get rid of all those unwanted things… for me, blackheads. My skin has very closed pores so whenever something gets in there, it will stay there forever. Or until I get a facial. 

The things with facials though, is they are expensive. SO! When I’m traveling or  not trying to spend too much money, I go for Biore Pore Strips. Really, they are the best. I have also used them on my boyfriend and he was amazed at how much they worked. Its easy to apply, takes 10-15 minutes and your skin will be looking fresh! 

I used the Biore Pore Strips on Sunday while I was making my luggage for LA – as you are reading this, I’m in LA! so, yeah you can do things around the house and get your pores cleaned. 

All the Things You can do While You’re Pore Stripping

Another thing I loved was the toner. It smells good! You can’t hear me on the video but at some point I was like.. “hmmm this smells good!” and it also feels very refreshing on the skin. So this is how I used both products: 

  1. washed my face 
  2. used toner 
  3. applied pore strips
  4. packed my luggage 
  5. removed pore strips
  6. cleansed with Biore Witch Hazel Toner 

Here’s my video 🙂 TRY IT! Let me know what you think. xo Belen

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