Job Hunting: Practical Steps To Help You Secure Your New Job

Hi besties! Welcome back to my blog. As I mentioned in my previous post, the beginning of a brand new year, comes  with a lot of talk surrounding goals and resolutions. Many of them have to do with our career and the steps needed to get what we want. After all, we spend a big part of our days working and earning a living, so it is important to be happy with that side of our lives. But, is it time for change? Do you know what you want to do? Often taking that leap of faith into an unknown can be scary, so here are some practical steps to take to help you secure your new job and career direction while job hunting: 

Job Hunting 101: Think about what you want to do

The first step to take would be to consider exactly what you want to do when it comes to your new job and the career you want. Now is the ideal time to think about what interests you, what makes you passionate and drives you on a daily basis. Also, what do you think you’d be good at? This goes hand in hand with the skills and experience you have gained. It is good to have these thoughts, because once you know what you want to do, you can make the necessary steps to make it your reality. PLANNING IS KEY! 

Do you need qualifications to make it happen?

The next thing to cross of your list is to think about is whether the job you want, requires some from of qualifications to make it your reality. Lots of jobs require certain qualifications and certificates to enable you to be qualified to do the job. Things like social work may need you to look into a social work degree online. Nursing and healthcare professional jobs will require degrees. Even things like skilled jobs such as hairdressing or nutrition, for example, will require some sort of certificate. Take the time to look at the direction you may need to take to make your job hunting successful. 

Updating your resume and being specific

Once you have the qualifications, it is now time to take the step to get the job your want. So you need to think about updating your resume and adding your new qualifications as well as any experience you have gotten to help you stand out from other potential applicants. I always like to say, no experience is too little. As long as you can relate your experience to any job requirement, put it on your resume. 

Seeking out potential opportunities

Sometimes jobs are not publicly advertised, or there is such a demand for the job that’s it isn’t advertised for too long. So sometimes you need to be proactive when it comes to job hunting. You could look at employees directly, emailing and asking them to let you know of any upcoming jobs. Or just email directly trying to make new contacts.

Rocking the interview

Finally, you need to think about how you will appear in the interview. This is the final chance to make an impression and to land yourself the dream job. Have confidence in your ability, think about how you present yourself, and practice potential questions so that you feel happy and content with your answers when the time comes! 

I hope these steps help you secure your new dream job. I receive a lot of questions on my instagram about career advice, so this kind of post felt like the right thing to do! Feel free to email me any questions! ahintoflifeblog@gmail. 

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