A couple of weeks ago marked 2 months of “Working from Home” for me. To be honest, I’m not sure if I’ll ever want to go back to an office. I admit, having brainstorm sessions in a group of 10 is awesome, inspiring and motivating but the freedom of working around your schedule is a true blessing.

Although when working from home, you are pretty much in-charge of your time, it is difficult to handle it. Are you working too much? Are you working too little? The answer depends on you! Here are a few tips that have helped maintain my work quality while not putting my lifestyle at risk:

  1. Set the alarm for the same time every morning – Don’t stay up too late watching a movie because you can start work at 11am the next morning. Have a consistent schedule will help you with organizing.
  2. Don’t from from your bed – This is the worst thing you can do! Ok, once a week it’s okay but do not get used to it.
  3. Don’t work with PJ’s on – Just as working from your bed is bad, not changing into actual clothes is equally as bad. You don’t have to put heels on but at least get into another type of clothing so that your mind knows “Ok, it’s time to work!”
  4. Time your lunch – Sometimes you can over your actual time of lunch since you don’t have to go back to your office. Set a timer for no more than 45 min – In reality my lunch time now is about 20 min.
  5. Keep track of your tasks – Throughout the day, how long is each task taking you? If you keep track of the time on a weekly basis, you’ll know if you are wasting too much time on the phone or just browsing around the internet.
  6. Set an ending time – Because you are working from home, some things might come up; like walking your dog, nail appointment and so on. Make sure you know how much time you have put into your work day. This will allow you to set a time in which you are “done” for the day. If I had a doctor’s appointment in the morning and actually started work at 10am but then I took my dog for a walk at 6pm and took 1 hour for lunch, then my workday might end around 8pm on that specific day.

At the end of the day, it’s all about balance. Working from home can be the best thing in the world or it can damage your work ethic. Make sure to know when to draw the line; it all starts with organizing your time and keeping track of it.

Do you currently work from home? What are some of your difficulties? Let me know by emailing me directly at: belen (at) ahintoflife dot com

Thank you so much for reading!!

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