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6 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Accept That Job Offer
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6 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Accept That Job Offer

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No matter how desperate you are in your job search, you need to make sure that you’re always vetting the companies you’re applying to.

This is critical, because if you end up landing an interview and receiving an offer from a company – the desire to immediately jump and say YES is our gut reaction.

But, if your gut is actually giving you some warning signs about this not potentially being the best fit, then you’re going to be back in the job search game faster than you think.

Don’t just consider jobs, but also consider the companies!

And before you decide to say yes to your next job offer, ask yourself these questions:

Am I okay with the pay?

Money isn’t everything in a job, but it certainly is a big part. You may have other benefits coming along with your salary, but if the pay isn’t right, you may want to negotiate for a higher amount. First, you need to understand what your own salary expectations are to live. Then, do a little research into comparable salaries in your industry. Does your’s line up?

Am I okay with the benefits?

As we mentioned above, your salary is really just one piece of the offer puzzle. Before you say yes to that job offer, make sure you are clear on the benefits that are being offered to you. Areas such as:

  • Employer-subsidized health insurance
  • Matching 401k
  • Paid Time Off
  • Wellness programs
  • In-house meals

Regardless of what benefits are coming your way, make sure they meet the expectations of benefits that you hold high on your list of requirements for a position. If a 401k match is crucial to your career path – don’t just say yes to a position if it doesn’t come along with it.

Am I okay with the working arrangements?

We’re talking about your work environment, and not everyone is always great at working in the same type of space. Do you have your own office? Or is it a cubicle? Or what about open work spaces? Make sure you have a clear understanding of what type of environment you’re going to be expected to perform in, and that it is aligned with how you can do your best work.

Am I okay with the commute?

American employees are spending a lot of time in their cars commuting, and maybe that isn’t a huge deal to you. Some people really benefit from this time to gather their thoughts, start their morning, maybe catch up on podcasts. But many other’s are not interested in a long commute, as it takes up more time in their day left for better things. If you’re not exactly sure if you can deal with the commute of your new position, give it a trial run one day and see if it’s something you can live with.

Am I okay with the company growth structure?

Realistically, you should have asked a question along the lines of, “Is there room for growth within the company,” during your interview. And that answer alone should have allowed you to decide if this is a position that’s in line with your career goals. Maybe they alluded to no, and that isn’t as much of a problem for you. If this is just a position in a stepping stone of another – then more power to you to accept the position! But, if you’re looking to be with a company for a longer period of time and really establish roots, then you may want to think about this question carefully.

Am I okay with my new boss?

This may not be as easy to answer right away, but hopefully, your new boss was also in the room at some point during the interview process. Make sure that you felt decent vibes from this person. How they spoke, made eye contact, and actually listened to your answers. It would always be worth figuring out their management style, to see if it aligns with your day-to-day working style.

Accepting a job offer is a turning point not only in your career but in your life. Make sure you accept a job for the right reasons – think about you, your family, your life (outside of work).

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