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You’ve probably heard a million times that, to achieve something in life, you must work hard. But, what does “hard-work” really mean? Let me tell you… it’s doing all the ground work you REALLY do not want to do. Queen of the South is a show, I recommend you watch; the story is heart-racing and will hook you immediately but, I recommend to watch it because of the morale of the story. It’s a show in which you have to read between the lines and you’ll truly learn what it means to come from nothing and work your way up in a business and in life. You can find Queen of the South, here.

The reason to watch Queen of the South
Watch a preview, here!

Now, A Hint of Life is a platform in which Andre (my sister) and I, share real advice on career, fitness and style and today, I want to share with you the ground work I have to do to keep this blog going and growing as a business. The pictures you see on instagram are pretty but, they ARE work. There’s a lot of behind the scenes that I wish I remembered to show… maybe showing behind the scenes would be more inspiring for you? Ok! so, How have I “made it” with A Hint of Life?

  • First, having a full-time job to work as a my venture capitalist. I enjoy my full-time job, don’t get me wrong but my salary is used to save a lot of money and to invest in A Hint of Life. Raising money is not something I want to do and so, having a full-time job works for now.
  • Working after-hours or before hours. This post is being written at 6:20am, before I have to leave for work. It also includes late nights. I worked until midnight last night.
  • Working weekends. Photoshoots, planning and writing happen mostly on weekends.
  • Invest for little return. Starting a business means a lot of investment and little return for a while. A lot of things look glamorous but it’s marketing. I’m not saying that what you see if not real life but, it’s a VERY pretty and SELECTIVE moment of our entire days.
  • Little time with family and friends. I don’t see my friends nearly as much as I would want to and quality time with my family often gets put to the sideline when I’m working late at night. I’m present but not really interactive.

So, running a business or being an “influencer” in any industry takes a lot of ground work. Sometimes, I wish I could shut my computer at 5pm and go to dinner and drinks and a movie but it’s important to look at the bigger picture and not lose sight of it. Having a small business means people think you are boring, or you worry to much about money, or that you are simply crazy. I’ll tell you what I find to be true about those statements.

  1. Not boring, just passionate and with a vision
  2. Don’t really care about making millions. A true business is to benefit or make someone else’s life a bit better – that and freedom of my time is all I’m going after.
  3. Crazy? Yeap! Maybe but, the difference is that in 10 years I’ll be living the life everyone wishes they could.

The reason to watch Queen of the South

The reason to watch Queen of the South

I’m fortunate to have people by my side that believe in me; if you don’t, I encourage you to catch up on Queen Of The South (Season 1) so you can be ready for Season 2 when it launches on June 8th at 10/9c on USA Network and get some motivation and drive in your veins! 

Have you watched #QueenOfTheSouth ? What are your thoughts about it – Let me know below 🙂

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