Hi!! Welcome back to my blog! Today we’ll be talking about 3 things I have done in the past to reduce chronic aches and pains. Over time these 3 things have become part of my healthier lifestyle routine. Hope I can inspire you to add them into your life. ENJOY :)!  

It’s just one of those facts of life that pretty much all of us, from time to time, experience chronic aches and pains. Sometimes these aches start small and build up over time, but at other times, they seem to happen pretty much out of the blue.

There are all sorts of reasons why you might develop a nagging ache or pain in part of your body. Perhaps a muscle imbalance, due to bad posture, in putting excessive strain on one part of your body rather than another. Or maybe you pinched a nerve during a workout – AKA me; I have a herniated disc on my lower back so most of the time if I have a pain or ache, it’s due to a pinched nerve! 

3 Suggestions for Reducing Chronic Aches and Pains (Other than Yoga)

Yoga is, of course, one of the best things you can do for chronic aches and pains; when I first hurt my lower back when I played volleyball, I did yoga for about a year. Yoga is great but, it can be dull, in my opinion — but just for the sake of fun, and keeping things interesting, here are a few non-yoga suggestions for how you can start reducing chronic aches and pains. 

Focus on addressing muscular imbalances through body weight training

Muscular imbalances are some of the most common causes of persistent aches and pains, because they result in uneven tension being put on the joints, bones, connective tissue, and muscles themselves, of the body.

One good way of addressing these underlying muscular imbalances is to adopt a balanced body weight training program. You could start with regular exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, and squats, but Pilates classes like the ones from C2 Pilates have been specifically designed and tailored to address many of these underlying imbalances directly, in such a way that other regular workouts might not address directly. 

As a general rule — the more you even out any muscular imbalances, the less you should experience chronic aches and pains.

Invest in a standing desk and spend less time sitting around during the day

A lot has been written about the detrimental health impacts of too much time spent sitting down. In recent years many articles have been published with attention-grabbing headlines such as “sitting is the new smoking”, which have referred to scientific findings that total time spent sitting down correlates with all kinds of severe health issues.

Less commonly mentioned — though still a major issue — is the fact that too much time spent sitting down leads to poor posture, excessive tightness in certain muscle groups, and can dramatically contribute to aches and pains.

A standing desk can be one great way of keeping yourself on your feet more throughout the day. Luis’s (my boyfriend) dream is to get a standing desk! It can help with reducing muscle pains and aches as well as with releasing stress! 

Clean up your diet to ensure you’re getting enough essential nutrients, while also eliminating foods you may be allergic to

Virtually all serious diseases that afflict people are linked to chronic, or systemic, inflammation in the body. To a large degree, chronic inflammation can be linked to dietary allergens.

Some scientists such as Dr. David Perlmutter have argued that all people are essentially intolerant of gluten, even if they don’t have celiac disease, and that chronically consuming gluten results in inflammation in the body.

Other people have low-level allergies to dairy products, or eggs, and it’s argued that various types of grains can be allergenic.

Often, identifying and removing foods that cause you to have an inflammatory response, and ensuring that you’re getting a lot of nutrients from your overall diet, can reduce aches and pains almost overnight!

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