As you probably already picked up, I love a good “dolce fare niente” moment in my life. Sure, work is awesome and I love it but… don’t we deserve some down time after-hours? Yeap. Today, I’m rounding up 10 things you can do after work to relax… Some things might be Miami related as this is my city, but if you are from anywhere else around the world… I’m sure you can find a similar activity!

ways to relax after work

  1. Hit the gym: Yes, this is the perfect stress reliever. 45 minutes will do the trick.
  2. Walk: Right after work take a 5 -10 minute walk to clear your mind… then get in your car. This is help you to not bring your “work life” into your personal space.
  3. Have a coffee: This activity can be with your co-workers, if you happen to love them, or with friends that work around the area.
  4. Movies: Go to the movies, or watch a movie at home. Perfect for date night; right?
  5. Dinner & Drinks: Get some alcohol in your system and you will feel much more relaxed after the second one… (don’t drink & drive! We have uber for that)
    1. Some great places in Miami area are: Baru, El Patio, Brickyard
  6. Take your dog for a walk: If you have a dog, this is great bonding time J When you get home, he/she is excited to see you, so your mood instantly improves.
  7. Head to the beach: Romantic & calm… take a nice walk and watch the sunset. If you live close to the beach you can do this alone. If the beach is a bit of drive (like it is for me), make a date out of it!
    1. I love Deerfield Beach because of the bars and restaurants it has, so if after the walk you get hungry… just stop by one of the shops there.
  8. Amusement Park: Well, if your city has one of those boardwalk parks, this is perfect! Miami, sadly doesn’t L (only during Christmas) but getting out and playing is fun! Maybe you can try bowling or ice skating.
  9. Shopping: Wow! Haha I almost didn’t put shopping on this list, I totally forgot about this but… it’s true. Shopping can be like therapy, so if this floats your boat… go for it!
  10. Cooking/baking: I have found a new love for cooking and it really does help me with stress.. I don’t rush when I cook and baking is even better because you know you will be eating something delicious.

Do you have rituals for relaxing after work? Let me know in the comments below!!

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