As some of you may know, I recently started working with ZICO Coconut Water as my full-time job and honestly, this past month and some days have been full of work and learning. Being part of company that was founded by a “normal guy” a decade ago, it’s inspiring and it’s probably the best “school” for someone like myself. College and Grad School, teaches you the theories but learning the ins and outs of what makes a National brand grow, fail and head back again in the right direction is food for the mind of an entrepreneur.Mark Rompolla's High Hanging Fruit Book Takeaway

Mark Rompolla's High Hanging Fruit Book Takeaway Mark Rompolla's High Hanging Fruit Book Takeaway Mark Rompolla's High Hanging Fruit Book Takeaway

For the past month, I have embarked in reading Mark Rompolla’s (ZICO’s founder) book The High Hanging Fruit which talks about the early days of the brand; how they came up with the idea, how they almost went bankrupt, how he quit his job and eventually how he made it! So, I wanted to share some of Mark’s thoughts through-out the book that have resonated with me and hopefully can help you out on your journey to building you career in the corporate world or in building your own company.

  • A crowded market place is also an information rich one.
  • Being an outsider confers a big advantage: you are constrained by the conventional wisdom about why a particular product or approach will not work.
  • The downside to trying to protect your idea from being copied, however, is that you miss out on learning from people who can help in critical and sometimes surprising ways.
  • Just as you measure profits in business, you should measure: Home nights, vacation, time with family, friends, exercising, reading and thinking.
  • Recommit to reach higher
  • You cannot control everything that is coming at you but you can control how you react.
  • Let the work you have done do its work on your body and mind.

You career or your business is a full representation of yourself; do not cut corners, do not step on people to achieve success faster. Be true to yourself and the rest will come.

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Thank you so much for reading! Which of these thoughts resonate with YOU?

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