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Looking and feeling beautiful at all times,is not always easy, and let’s face it, it is definitely not always cheap. Sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. We have highlighted 6 hacks, tips and tricks you never knew about that will be sure to make you look and feel beautiful without the hassle and without completely breaking the bank! Let’s take a look: 

Some Coffee for my Cellulite

No expensive, invasive surgery needed here. Make a gentle coffee scrub for you to exfoliate with. Okay so full disclosure here, coffee grounds will not make the cellulite go away. Cellulite is something that occurs deep in the skin and exfoliating the surface won’t remove the cellulite indefinitely. However, caffeine does stimulate dilation. The scrubbing motion increases circulation, plumping up the skin and making cellulite look less noticeable. So if you are heading for a day at the beach, we can definitely advise that you scrub scrub scrub for a temporary solution to those not-so-cute dimples.

Save the Mascara

Nothing quite as annoying as applying dry mascara. The product inside our mascaras tend to dry out very, very quickly and if you notice it starting to go dry even though there is still a lot left, you kind of die a little inside, right? Use your eye-drops to bring clumpy and dried out mascara back to life by taking your standard-sized mascara and putting about 4 drops eye-drops in there. Unlike water, the eye-drops keep it at its original consistency. So no need to break your piggy bank for a new mascara. 

Chapped Lips

If you have ever had peeling, chapped lips, you will know that applying lipstick is a nightmare. It doesn’t last long on the lips, and it looks awful. So the only way to be able to wear lipstick that lasts on chapped lips is to prepare your lips. Make yourself a lip-scrub using sugar, lemon juice and coconut oil to remove those annoying peeling skin. It is tasty and effective and will have you rocking your red lips with confidence. 

Thicker Lashes

TV advertisements about mascara giving your lashes volume, shine, and more length always looks so tempting. But I think we can all agree that once we have purchased this wonder product, we have found the results to be very underwhelming. Well we’ve got a great tip for you on this one, and you won’t believe it – Baby powder. All you have to do is apply your mascara, as usual, then dip a cotton swab in baby powder and apply on lashes and then apply another coat of mascara. You will find the results to be overwhelming. 


Most people struggle with blackheads on their those at some point in their life, and it is really not fun to try to extract them unless you do it professionally at a beauty salon. However, we have found this nifty little trick that will help you out in no time. Mix 1 tsp of warm water, 1 tsp of honey and 1 tsp of flour together. Dip a cotton pad in the mix and apply it to the problem area. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and exfoliate. A quick fix to a super annoying problem. 

Freezing Spoon

When you wake up to go to work in the morning after your long beauty sleep, the puffy bags under your eyes are not sexy at all and getting rid of them quickly is not an easy task. Well, now it can be. Before you go to bed, freeze a teaspoon overnight. When you wake up, take the spoon and use the back of the spoon and place it on the puffy areas under your eyes. Gently “roll” the back of the spoon in a sea-saw/up and down kind of motion as if you are rolling out the puffiness. This will take you 5 minutes, and you will be ready to apply your make-up just in time. 

So there you have it, easy and effective ways to make sure you are looking your absolute best without too much hassle or spending a dime. Now be a good friend and share this article with your friends. Hook a sista up

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