By Andre Baquerizo

Learn how you can spend more time on yourself How many of you agree with the saying above? Most people do, same as me but not many take action towards it. Recently, I signed up at a cross fit gym near my house, The COOP CrossFit, after loosing interest in going to my community gym, and I have loved every second of it.

About a month ago, I started to lose interest/motivation in my casual gym routine.I didn’t know what to do as soon as I stepped into that room; I got bored after just 15 minutes because I couldn’t find the motivation nor encouragement, so I decided to give crossfit a try. I don’t like going to the gym and just picking up weights and spending 5 minutes ‘resting’ when it should be 30 seconds, and then do the same routine the next day, and the next and so forth.

Learn how you can spend more time on yourself
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I like workouts that leave you dead on the floor in the middle of the exercise without air, and that is what I found at The COOP. Most people (women, in my opinion) go to spas, get their massage, get their hair blow dry, but I find myself in a different way. My “Me” time is going to the gym after class, sweating it out, almost dying in the middle of the workout and then being out of breath for the next 10 minutes.

I believe that people should try and find their “rhythm.” Spending time on yourself isn’t selfish, it’s just you wanting to better by yourself, on your own time without having to worry about other things, and getting to know yourself more and more. In that time, you should only worry about yourself and what you’re doing at that time. If you’re bored of what you’re and don’t know in what to invest your free time or how to spend time on yourself, try something simple, like:

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Go on and do something that makes you happy, fire up those endorphin’s, radiate love back to the Universe and to yourself. It doesn’t matter what it is, but just spend at least 20-30 minutes, sometimes maybe even an hour, on yourself and you will see the huge difference it will make in your life.

What do you do when you spend time on yourself?

PS. Check out our last post on the book “The Universe Has Your Back” – a great option for “ME” Time.

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