Leaving in South Florida makes it a bit difficult to spring clean but nonetheless we always accumulate more than we should have in our closets so the fact that it’s spring and summer is around the corner, makes for a good excuse to get spring cleaning! The 3 steps listed below helped me with spring cleaning my wardrobe… if you are feeling the blues about cleaning, keep in mind that doing so might give you an opportunity for shopping your favorite trends for summer :). 

Spring Clean Wardrobe Tips:

  1. Go over your closet/wardrobe and pick out the items you haven’t worn in the past 3 months. These items are not your favorite; sell them, gift them, donate them.
  2. Once again, walk into your closet and pick out the items that seem old, damaged or not your style anymore from last summer. Sell them, gift them, donate them.
  3. Browse online for your favorite trends and create a wish list. For every item you wish to buy, sacrifice one in your closet. Meaning, if you want a new summer dress… go to your closet and get rid of a dress.

The worst part about being fascinated by fashion and style is that we grow emotional connections with our clothes, purses, handbags and shoes so much that we don’t want to throw them out but, then your closet becomes full of things that are never worn! Take time to really think about the items you want, invest in good quality clothing and Spring Cleaning won’t be such a nightmare.

The next thing is bras.I have a bunch of them but regularly wear the same 2 – a nude color and a black one… the older the better! Today, I’m sharing some steps from ThirdLove that help you to determine that your bra has seen better days and that you are better off finding a new one!

Spring Clean Wardrobe Tips

ThirdLove – Builds better bras. “We’ve developed a collection of bras that look as incredible as they feel. Since our bras come to you, you can skip the dressing room hassle. We’re so passionate about the quality of our bras that we offer the option to try one—free—before buying. Because isn’t it time your bra fit you, not the other way around?”

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Do you have any steps to follow for spring cleaning? Tell me below!

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