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How to Spring Cleanse Your Mind and Body

Some of us are just experiencing those long awaited first rays of spring and although we crave sun and energy, it takes a minute to get there. A lot of us can still feel drowsy, low on energy and like we need a fresh start. This is why spring cleanse was invented. During winter, our bodies tend to slow down to conserve some energy and get through the colder months, but that means that we are not getting rid of some of the harmful toxins that collect in our body. So, without mentioning any crash diets, dangerous juice cleanse and unhealthy practices, here’s how to feel like the best and freshest YOU this spring:

Take Inside, Outside 

The first thing you want to do when it gets warmer is to spend more time outside. Take some of your daily activities that you’ve been doing in the car or inside and try to make them work outside. Walk or bike to work, do your morning stretches in the garden and generally try to spend more time being active. Firstly, sweat is one of the body’s ways of getting rid of toxins, so the more you sweat it out outside – or in the gym – the better you will feel. But not only that. People who spend more time being active are found to be happier and have more energy, ultimately making them more productive and positive. DOUBLE WIN!

Read labels to protect your skin 

Our skin absorbs a lot of the things around us, and most importantly, the things that we purposefully put on it. And after a long season of heavy moisturizers and fighting off the harsh winds, you probably need to replace some of your old cosmetics for the spring. This time, go for natural beauty products. They are made with more natural ingredients and are less processed, meaning that they won’t bring as many harmful toxins into your body. This is especially important for cosmetics that go on your skin first, like moisturizers, primers and cleansers, because your skin will absorb much of the product. Look for products labeled natural, organic or vegan, and always take a peek at the back. If there’s too many ingredients you don’t recognize, it might not be as natural as it seems.How to Spring Cleanse Your Mind and Body

Workout your mind 

Many coaches say that instead of saying “I don’t have time…”, we should be saying “I don’t have life for…”, so taking this into consideration, you really shouldn’t be spending your life on things that bring you toxicity and unhappiness. Your mind cannot be free and clear if you are holding onto the past and not looking towards the future. Cut off people who only bring you negativity and replace any bad habits with ones that will bring you long-term happiness and satisfaction. Try meditating and practicing mindfulness to become aware of the situation you’re in and to help you visualize the future that you want to work towards to.

Eat well, not less

The simplest way to cleanse your body of toxins is through the food you eat. However, many people end up doing this the wrong way, going on dangerous cleanses, risking their health. The best way to go about this is to just replace the processed, unhealthy foods in your diet with something lovely and fresh. Your body will naturally get rid of any leftover toxins once you start giving it is healthy food. Spring means loads of options for fresh fruits and veggies, which should make up the bulk of your diet. Consider making smoothies, fresh salads and raw desserts, as they are all great ways to get plenty of greens into your body – a lot more than just through side dishes. Since toxins are mostly released from the body through urine and sweat, you need to stay hydrated if you want your body to function properly (Here’s how much water your body needs) Bring a small bottle of water (infused with fruit if you want a fun flavor) with you everywhere you go and if needed, remind yourself to drink water through an alarm or an app on your phone.

Remember that toxins aren’t the problem; it’s the general lifestyle that makes you feel the way you do. So when you change your habits and start living a healthy life, getting rid of excess toxins is like a cherry on top of a healthier, energized lifestyle.

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